O.P.Nayyar – A Debonair Tunesmith

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Omkar Prasad Nayyar:

Born 16 January 1926 – 28 January 2007.

This dapper magician O.P.Nayyar is no longer with us, but this wizard of melody, continues to regale us with the Legacy he’s left behind, of his astoundingly beautiful , intoxicating ,& eternally effervescent melodies.

The clip-clop of hooves was an integral part of this Rhythm King’s musical style .

A Tunesmith to the core, he made the songs lively and lovely by incorporating his trademark ‘ Tonga beats ‘ melodiously.

OP’s melodies are suffused with musical OP’ium.

You must’ve noticed we all respond to variety of music in different ways , some music brings out a patriotic feeling in you,some moves you to tears ,some soothes you ,and some music energises you ,relaxing you and leaving you in a happier state of mind . OPN’s music in my opinion, energised you .

He would throw his signature rhythm sprinkle in some magic, romance, passion, tenderness ,and Voila — come up with a hummable, lilting number full of vivacity and infectious energy with his Midas Touch making it Totally enchanting & intoxicating .

It was a tough job for me to choose 10 songs from his vast repertoire .His repertoire encompassed the energetic and soothing, the seductive and passionate, serious , classical, conventional , rural ,urban , folk, contemporary,patriotic and breezy and foot tapping . But whatever the genre, he involved the audiences in the sweep of his music.

1: Aayeeye meherbaan is a complete song every which way, be it lyrics, composition, rendition ,picturisation or actors .

Beautiful Madhubala is a fascinating combination of innocent and worldly, forthright and secretive , where as Ashok kumar is charming and indulgent . It resonates of a perfectly crafted melody in capital letters, and Asha Bhosle’s rendition is mind-blowing .

2 : Pyaar par bas toh nahin hai …

Talat’s velvety baritone and handsome visage on screen ,beseechingly asking for permission in such an endearing manner and Beautiful Nutan humming along in Asha’s voice add so much allure to this soft ,sweet number .

3: udhar tum haseen ho ..

The rhythm of this melody, the sheer on screen chemistry between beauteous Madhubala and handsome Guru Dutt , the stunning rendition by Geeta Dutt and Rafi ,

the dreamy ambience of the night where words mingle with the wind and blend with the feelings, all these things together resonate and make it rhapsodic.

4: Mere neendon mein tum

A Song from the film Naya Andaz , is based on waltz beats and fabulously orchestrated by synchronising piano ,violin and the works .

It’s expressively sung by Kishore Kumar and Shamshad Begum and equally fabulously filmed on Kishore and beautiful Meena Kumari .

It has sophistication,delicacy, and a light hearted feel to it .

One wants to waltz when one listens to this number .

5: Tum jo huye mere hamsafar ..

Another hummable number with waltz beats ,this has beautiful Waheeda Rehman and dapper Guru Dutt in the film 12 O Clock, Geeta has sung it with her inimitable chutzpah & verve, and Rafi with utmost charm and feel .

6: phir milogey kabhie iss baat ka vaada

A soft melody which overflows with longing, desire and tenderness.

Rafi and Asha have rendered it beautifully, specially the way Rafi sings ‘ humsey ek aur mulaakaat ka vaada karrr lo with emphasis on ‘ lo ‘ is stunning … Handsome Biswajeet and Stunning Sharmila make it more enticing …

7: dilwaana hua badal

A song which is still immensely popular , even with the young generation of today . It’s bewitching, captivating & beautiful .Beauteous Sharmila and Charm personified Shammi have taken it to another level . It assails your senses with its sheer headiness ,right from the opening line …

8: ude jab jab zulfe teri

Brilliant rendition by Rafi and Asha …Beautiful Vaijayanti & Dilip have danced and emoted with equal flamboyance and pizzazz … Dilip makes it more alluring with that mischievous sparkle in his eyes and endearing smile . A Song, which is So high on rural, rustic appeal …

9: yun toh humney lakh haseen …

A sprightly , feather-light melody full of verve and infectious energy, brilliantly sung by Rafi with charmingly handsome Shammi and pretty Amita . Rhythm is in each and every pore of Shammi ,he moves so effortlessly even in a moving vehicle .

10 : Aankhon hee aakhon mein , a cheerful and breezy number filled with playful banter, ebulliently sung by Rafi and Geeta with handsome Dev and lovely Shakila on screen .

With all theses numbers,

My cup runneth over with effervescence and intoxication .

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