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Of Fragrances And Love – Rajnigandha Phool Tumhare – Rajnigandha

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70s for films was exhilarating one. Some of them searing, some poignant. From the stunner Rajesh Khanna to the rough angry young man Amitabh gave pure masala ones like Haathi Mere Saathi, Zanjeer, Anurodh, Sholay. Arthouse was full too with Shabanas, Smitas, Naseers & Farooqs churning out multitudes like Ankur, Manthan, Garam Hawa. Amidst these opposite poles there was a high tide of refreshing Guddi, Mili, Gharonda where the audiences enjoyed surfing on these waves.

Rajnigandha (1974) is one of them which gave you a fresh fragrance. Innocent, untouched, wistful. The joys of being young. The song itself is about breezy romance. Some blemishes, some flaws but still comforting. It is all about the quietness of this comfort. A woman who is very much in love, feels that this love-drenched moment is only true, rest everything is false.

One of the best compositions of Salil Chowdhury, the song is a perfect example of his magic. The way he blends some western tunes or instruments with folk music or Indian music is amazing. His tunes might be easy and soothing to the ears, but try singing them and you realise you can’t sing them easily unless you are thorough with music.
Opening with beautiful guitar chords, it sets the mood to enjoy Lata Mangeshkar’s humming. The sitar and guitar play in sync with each other as the song progresses.
Haan yun hi mehke preet piya ki mere anuragi mann mein
Rajneegandha phool tumhaare, mehke yoon hee jeewan mein
Haan yun hi mehke preet piya ki mere anuragi mann mein

These tuberoses have brought so much worthwhile fragrance in my life, in a similar way like your love has made my life so much worthwhile

Adhikar ye jab se sajan ka har dhadkan par maana maine
Main jab se un ke saath bandhi, ye bhed tabhi jaana maine
Kitna sukh hai bandhan mein

With his right on every heart beat, staying together love tied, the bond of togetherness has made me realise this pleasurable thing called love. To know the enigma called love.

Har pal meri inn aankhon mein bas rehte hain sapne unke
Mann kehta hai main rangon ki, ik pyaar bhari badli ban ke
Barsoon unke aangan mein

It is about him that I dream every time now. My heart which is saturated with different colours and shades of love is willing to shower the love on him. Making his life more colourful and beautiful.

A celluloid adaptation of Manu Bhandari’s story Yehi Sach Hai, the film is aptly named Rajnigandha, where Sanjay (Amol Palekar) has the habit of bringing the Rajnigandha flowers for Deepa (Vidya Sinha) since she loves them. The intoxicating fragrance of these tuberoses is compared to the fragrance of love which is being spread in her heart. Its a peep into a woman’s heart, the journey of her heart, which fell in love, twice. The film is about finding an answer to a question – Can a heart be in love with 2 people at the same time?
An extremely simple film with just 2 songs. Both beautiful numbers. And so high in quality lyrics by Yogesh. He excelled in simplifying the lyrics and yet conveying the accurate message to the viewers.
No hyperbole, just the scent of heady spring of the youth unfurling like the tuberose.

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