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Phulale Re Kshan Maajhe – The Blooming Of The Moments – Ritu Hirwa

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When stalwarts like Shridhar Phadke and Asha Bhosle come together we can expect nothing short of magic. This songs of the album Ritu Hirwa prove this just right.

The song Phulale re is written by Nitin Aakhve and has some amazing lyrics. It describes the emotions of a young girl (who is about to get married) in such a beautiful manner that everyone, especially women, relate to that instantly. The feeling of happiness, anxiety, nervousness, love and the longing are so aptly explained in such few words.

Phulale re kshan maajhe phulale re
Mendi ne, shakunaachya, shakunaachya mendine
Sajle re kshan maajhe sajle re

Every moment of my life is blooming
Since you have entered life, it has blossomed
The henna which is a symbol of our association
Has made me more enthusiastic and has made my life beautiful

Henna is usually the symbol of a girl getting married. It is a beautiful and colourful sign that the girl is betrothed. The smell of the henna has a kind of sweetness to it and makes a girl remember her beau and makes her smile every single time.

Jhuluk waryachi aali re leun kovali sonphule
Saajan sparshachi jaaniv houn bhaalale mann khule
Ya vedache, ya vedache naachre bhaav bilore
Mendine, shakunaachya mendine
Khulale re kshan maajhe khulale re

This soft breeze has brought with it the smell of the delicate flowers
It reminds me of your gentle touch and I’m infatuated by your mere thoughts
How can I explain these crazy feelings that make my mind dance!
And the moments of my life are flying freely along with the henna’s smell

This song comes under the category of bhavgeet which literally means emotion poetry. It is a form of expressionist poetry and light music. This song is based on Raag Pahadi. The music by Shridhar Phadke is full of happy, peppy notes. The prelude has such a wonderful tune that it makes our mind dance and face is lit up with a smile. The entire flow of the song seems so effortless that the listener goes along with it gently.

Odh hee beband shwasat dhyasaat swapnat yene tujhe
Bhambavalya maajhya uraat sparshaat reshim kaate tujhe
Mann morache, mann morache jaadubhare he pisaare
Mendine, shakunaachya mendine
Hasle re kshan maajhe hasle re

This longing, this affinity towards you is so strong
That you have conquered my breath, my dreams
My heart has become frenzied because of your silken touch
It has started dancing like a peacock with magical plume
And the moments of my life are smiling because of the henna..

The waiting period between the engagement and the wedding is a combination of anxiety and bliss. Anxiety because the couple cannot wait to be with each other any longer and bliss because it is the most romantic period experienced by both. It is the time when they come to many things about each other, likings and many more. And the mind oscillates between these two feelings giving rise to myriad emotions.

Reet hi preet hi umaje na
Jadla ka jeev ha samje naa
Kashi sangu mee, kashi sangu mee
Majhya manichi katha re
Mendine, shakunaachya mendine
Bhulale re kshan maajhe bhulale re

It is so difficult to understand this love
My soul has taken a fancy for you, I don’t know why
Oh, how can I express the plight of my mind!
And now the henna has made me forget everything but you

When the girl is engaged to a boy, she keeps on thinking about him all the time. She recalls the little moments spent with him, maybe a brush of his hand on her hand (accidentally or otherwise), the first eye contact and the first actual conversation. All these things then make her wonder as to why she has fallen for this particular person, why this one person can make her forget about everything else and yet, she is happy because of all this… Maybe this is called Love!

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