Prerna – The Inspiration – Episode 5

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Prerna had finally found her ‘simple life’ in the big city. Her friends at the orphanage, the like-minded people that she met on many occasions and her father were like the little village that she had surrounded herself with. Being around kids made her feel lively again and that helped her find solace in all the chaos.

Summer vacations were about to end and so was the theatre festival. The kids had enjoyed learning acting and dancing and other performing arts very much. The presentation day was coming near and everybody was excited. It was the first time that they all were doing something on such a big platform. Even Prerna had a little role in one play and was as excited as the kids. She was nervous too and Abhiram did everything to make her feel confident. They both had become really good friends by now and Prerna was like a buddy in whom Abhiram could confess everything; from dreams to dream girls, she knew about everything.

The show was now just another day away and everybody was busy in the preparations. Prerna was in charge of the seating arrangements and was busy reviewing the chart when someone patted on her shoulder. When she turned she saw Piyush standing behind her and smiling at her. It took her few moments to realize that it was him. When she finally did, she smiled back and they started talking.

“What brings you here? I thought charity was not your thing” She asked him.
“Well, you can say that I am on duty right now” He grinned.
“Duty? What do you mean by that?”
“I mean that my boss is involved with this charity event and has asked a few of us to come and help him out. So, duty.” He smiled.
“Who is your boss?” asked Prerna.
At that very moment, Abhiram comes and puts his arms around both of them.
“How do you two know each other?”

Both, Prerna and Piyush start to answer the question but can’t find words and start stammering. Finally Piyush mumbles something and diverts the conversation to another topic. Taking the opportunity, Prerna too excuses herself and goes back to her work. Abhiram, after giving some instructions to Piyush rushes off to do something else, while Piyush simply watches Prerna doing her work.

Prerna soon forgets about Piyush and gets involved with the ongoing event. She is now completely unaware that someone is watching her continuously and has started admiring her energy, enthusiasm and her. Piyush begins liking what he sees – a girl who is so dedicated to this work that she simply forgets who she is.

Piyush now starts offering his help for every little charity work of his office in a hope to bump into Prerna. His efforts reward him many times as he meets her many times. Prerna finds his enthusiasm in her work odd and asks him about it finally.

“Piyush, why this sudden love for social work?” she asked him one fine day.
“It is never too late to appreciate something good, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but what is your real reason. Please tell me as it is bugging me a lot. I would really appreciate the truth.”
“You want to know the truth? Here it is. I have started liking you Prerna, a lot. I have seen you work for these kids with so much dedication and energy that I think I am falling for you.”
Completely taken aback, Prerna remains silent for few moments and when she opens her mouth to speak, he interrupts her.
“Please don’t say anything right now. Please give this thing a chance. I was a fool to say no to you because of this reason. I now know how wonderful this thing is. Please, just think about whatever I have said right now, take your time and respond.”

Piyush leaves the baffled Prerna alone and heaves a sigh of relief that he finally found the guts to speak what he was trying to from so many days. He had started liking Prerna wholeheartedly and was now dreaming of marrying her.

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  1. Sameer Ahuja

    May 1, 2018 at 9:02 am

    Another lovely episode with amazing expression of thoughts and beautiful collaboration of music.

    Too good!!

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