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Priyanka Chopra Does A Marathi Mulgi With Aching Voice That Resonates To Your Very Soul

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A stunning and heart -touching ode to her father by Priyanka , and to all fathers in general.

Priyanka Chopra’s Sibilent,  & Velvety rendition , use of modulation , texture, and high emotional quotient in it, all heighten the impact of this track, and touch you emotionally on many levels … 

The Full-on effect of her rendition is like liquid silk flowing from your ears, through your viens right upto your heart and soul… 
Every little catch in her voice gnaws at your soul, pierces  your heart, sears your insides… Pain bleeds through her voice, it cracks open your heart and brings a lump to your throat. 

Vulnerable, sad sound ,reels your mind with revelations.

The depth of feelings,  meaning and the ethereal effect of this melody and hard-hitting visuals are cogent, incisive and compelling. 
This Language of emotional drenched voice speaks Volumes , a language of Senses and Sensibility, which leaves a great impact on your inner core. 

Totally Relatable, Heartfelt and Heart-touching!

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