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Raat Bhee Hai Kuchh Bheegi Bheegi – When Chham Chham Lingers On

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The song Raat Bhee Hai Kuchh Bheegi Bheegi  is a musical marvel from the film Mujhe Jeene Do. A movie with a profound message of reformation of dacoits , and the hope of normal life for their family, specially kids, in the society. This song is one of the best picturised mujra numbers, high on aesthetics and musicality.
Hosh mein thodi behoshi hai
Behoshi mein hosh hai kamm kamm…

What beautiful word play by the lyricist Sahir Ludhianvi .

In the other verse

Tapate dil par yun girati hai
Teri nazar se pyaar ki shabnam
jalatey hue jungle par jaisey
Barakhaa barase ruk-ruk tham-tham

There’s an amazing cadence and lyrical swing to it. Ethereally beautiful & graceful Waheeda, intense & predatory air about him Sunil Dutt, stunning composition by Jaidev, the crisp, exhilarating & mellifluous rendition by Lata, all these factors put together make it an audio- visual treat. When Lata sings the Paayal ki chham chham part, her voice literally feels like the sound of Paayal.This song always creates a happy space in one’s heart ..
It’s exquisite & rhapsodic !


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