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Real Dreams – Sach Hue Sapne Tere – Kala Bazaar

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People boast around so much about their first love. That first feel, first togetherness but also first heart break which might be heart wrenching. The heart is not ready to cope up with the situation since it is still naive. It might be an outcome of no real understanding. You might even get caught off guard because of the entire situation. Seeing your feelings go down the drain because of somebody you trusted so much. At that moment insecurities thrive in but none of those are really true. You think yourself to be stupid enough to get into a situation like this, running low on self esteem. The doe eyed innocence that was yours, is no longer to be found. You are restless with all the thoughts and when often unexpected you are hit by love the second time. It gives the reason to start believing in love once again. It gives different perspective of life. Boosting your self esteem, you heart learns to be patient with feelings. The heart that was restless suddenly finds tranquility in that relationship.

And Shailendra sums the situation so perfectly –

Bekal mann ka dheeraj lekar
Mere saajan aaye
Jaise koi subah ka bhoola
Saanjh ko ghar aa jaaye
Preet ne rang bikhere
Jhoom le o mann mere
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai

Yes, that feeling of being finally at home is enhanced by the Burmanisque effect of chiki chiki chik chak cha chai, chiki chiki chik chak cha chai!!! Lucid Asha at her best under the baton of S.D.Burman with a feather touch of Geeta Dutt effect.
Kala Bazaar (1960) has given a lovely example of second love in a woman’s life. It also brings forth the mature and deft direction of Vijay Anand – a man ahead of his time. 60s was the time when the lead actress portrayed the role of a devout woman. Second love in her life would be a bizarre. But here we have Vijay Anand showcasing this bizarre in a beautiful film. Dev, knowing that Waheeda Rehman is already in relationship with Vijay Anand tries to woo her, serenade her and ultimately makes her fall in love with him. And Waheeda Rehman is rejoicing the feeling of being in love again, she wants to attract attention to what she’s saying about it. Hear her clap twice at the beginning, she’s saying – May I have your attention please!! And knowing that Dev is now looking at her, starts crooning –

Ho ho ooooo hmm hmm
Sach hue sapne tere
Jhoom le o mann mere
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai

Chiki chaking with support of just the dholak in the beginning to go with her heart beats. A small twang of guitar in the midst of dholak gives the tingling effect. While Dev is still ignorant about this change of heart from her side, takes no notice of the thrill in her voice. Waheeda is an embodiment of naughtiness here and takes advantage of his ignorance to tease him more. The violins now trebling in pure Karta effect, the waves in the background resembling tides of love. Guitar strums helping her hop and skip around the new found love of her life. The love which taught patience to her restless heart. That love which is fun, which is all about happiness, All those buckets you have filled crying for losing the first love starts drying up and converts in a real smile, that’s when your eyes smile too!!

Mann ki payal chham cham bole
Har ik saans tarana
Dheere dheere seekh liya
Akhiyon ne muskana
Ho gaye duur andhere
Jhoom le o mann mere
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai

Hear Asha singing Jhoom le o mann mere….you feel that Geeta Dutt feather touch!!
While Dev is still sulking at her childish behaviour, she rejoices in singing her heart out hmmm haa haa ahh haa echoing in the S.D.Burman way. There was time when her heart was in double mind – to love or not to love. But this is time she sees the amazing things waiting for her. Those empty spaces are being filled with immense love. Clandestine revealed when she realises her second love is actually her first real love. Time to reveal that secret to her love – Dev.

Jis uljhan ne dil suljha ke
Saari raat jagaya
Bani hai wo aaj preet ki mala
Mann ka meet milaya
Jagmag saanjh savere
Jhoom le o mann mere
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai
chiki chiki chik chak cha chai

Ahh those sweet throw of words…mann ka meet milaya, shy and sweet. Shows how S.D.Burman must have worked upon those throw of words, explaining the situation to Asha Bhonsle. And what a winning smile she gets from Dev – jagmag saanjh savere!! They are into their own illuminated world. Basking in its warmth, glowing with the effect. Asking her heart to swing, sway with contentment, for its dreams will be real now – chiki chiki chik chak cha chai chiki chiki chik chak cha chai!!

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