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Reminiscence – Koi Lauta De Mere Beete Hue Din – Kishore Kumar – Shailendra

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The yearning to go back to one’s childhood days and relive them once again. When it comes to nostalgic song, there is absolutely no doubt that this song would rank as one of the topmost nostalgic songs of all time. That wish if we could have frozen those moments in time, to savor them later, one moment at a time. Echoing one’s sentiments! The song is all about reminiscence.

Kishore Kumar’s ubiquity in the movie is a tribute to his genius and an affirmation of his amazing skills. When he is not acting, he is directing. When he is not singing, he is composing. Not to forget, he is the producer too of this critically-acclaimed effort. The man, known to be a complete comic hero, is a melancholic character, so strikingly different to his personality of a dancing, prancing actor. He wins your heart with whatever he does — singing, acting, directing or composing. His crooning had an unmistakable touch of romance even though he could also cast a gloomy spell with his sad renderings. This song is one such example. A rare combination of emotion and depth. Kishore Kumar is a class act in the absence of histrionics and the humour that marked some of his acting. His face mirrors the anguish as “Koi Lauta De Mere Beete Hue Din” haunts in the background. By the time the song ends you are left admiring the genius of Kishore Kumar. Not to forget the lyrical genius of Shailendra who conjured up such lyrics!!!

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