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Team R4 (REWIND’s Retro Radio Revival) has revived the *Radio Nostalgia* of *Retro Hindi film songs* through specially curated online shows, served to 250 dedicated members.

R4 is now launching *REWIND मेरा वाला गाना*, a new show that will play *फरमाइश (Farmaish)* songs from music lovers. A *FREE FOR ALL* show, it will be aired, via Zoom, every Saturday night at 10 pm IST.

If you have a Farmaish song in mind that you wish to be played, submit via Farmaish link provided on the banner below. To join the shows, please join via the the Zoom Link, provided on the banner.

*If you love Retro Hindi songs & are eager to revive your nostalgic memories, this is the OPPORTUNITY. We assure you it will be great fun to go down NOSTALGIA lane, in the company of other music lovers !!!*

*Please note the first 10 received Farmaish songs will be played in the shows.*
*Farmaish link will be open for submission every week from Sunday mornings to Wednesday evenings.

Please click on the link to fill up your farmaish. Zoom Link for the session has also been provided alongside the form.
REWIND मेरा वाला गाना form

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