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Romantic Banter – Keh Dun Tumhein – Deewar

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An utterly butterly delicious song…say this because though the lyrics are in a conversational mode, the way Pancham has composed it, has always left me stupefied.. it’s such a regular kind of conversation..and to compose “that”, mustn’t have been easy..but what an inspired job he does!! It progresses so smoothly, just glides on the senses in a buttery smooth way,, and is melodious to the hilt too!!
Ravi (Shashi Kapoor) is back from his police training and eager to meet his lady love Neetu Singh..
It begins with a prank call,which sets the tone of the song..
Kishore Kumar asks in a conspiratorial low note,”Keh Doon tumhe???”, to which Asha Bhonsle replies so sweetly, innocently “Haan”..
“Ya Chup Rahun ??” ..and she goes,”Naa”..
“Dil me mere aaj kya hai?”
To which it’s “kya hai??”..
The way this conversation is conceived and rendered in low, husky tones, perfectly brings out the feel of that initial hesitation to begin a conversation, with the person whom you have been longing to meet….it’s always have so much to say, but just can’t..
After a bit of loosening up though, you are at ease and then there is no turning back. The entire song is this Q and A session..and the two stanzas a guessing game that both are into.. HE, akin to his nature, is full of fun and upto pranks and also has a natural desire to get close to her in every sense of the word..and SHE, akin to her nature is on a different plane altogether.
The first antara has her thinking that he wishes to go on a never-ending journey with her,finally to settle in a faraway glittery starry eyed is which his response is Nah !! He just wishes to trick her into some lonely place, put her through some practical joke,and scare her and watch all the fun gleefully..and to demonstrate this ,we see Shashi Kapoor tickling her,and she goes “Nahi re Nahi re….Nahi ,Nahi”..shocked at the totally unexpected wish and also because of that unbearable tickle..

Socha Hain Tumne Key Chalate Hee Jayein
Taaron Se Aage Koyi Duniya Basayein
Thik Hai…
Aaha.., To Tum Batao

And his response is na..
Socha Hain Key Tumhe Rasta Bhulaye
Sunee Jagah Peh Kahee Chhede Daraye
Are Naa Naa Hay Rey Naa Naa, Yeh Naa Karna
Are Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey
Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey
Nahee Nahee
Keh Doon Tumhe, Ya Chup Rahu, Dil Me Mere Aaj Kya Hai
Jo Bolo Toh Janu, Guru Tumako Manu, Chalo Yeh Bhee Wada Hai

The second one has her thinking more rationally now..She feels he wants to have some carefree,fun-filled moments with her,sing along,spend more time,and carry on with the long drive,to which now exasperated,he spells out things to acceptable words though..

Socha Hain Tumane Key Kuchh Gungunaye
Mastee Me Jhoome Jara, Dhume Machaye
Ab Thik Hai…
Uhun.., To Tum Batao

And it’s an emphatic no,from him again..
Socha Hain Yeh Key Tumhe Najadik Laye
Phulo Se Hothho Kee Lalee Churaye
Are Naa Naa Hay Rey Naa Naa, Yeh Naa Karna
Are Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey
Nahee Rey, Nahee Rey
Nahee Nahee
Kah Doo Tumhe, Ya Chup Rahu, Dil Me Mere Aaj Kya Hai
Jo Bolo Toh Janu, Guru Tumako Manu, Chalo Yeh Bhee Wada Hai

Her “Nahi re ,Nahi re,…Nahi Nahi” response gets a different tinge now.. That’s a coy, shy “Nahi “here ..
There is youthfulness and playful bantering,there is innocence,along with the now concealed,now exposed gently burning embers of a wish for intimacy ..It is all there..But none of the crass or crude expression..
That’s what make these songs so special..There are ways and ways of expressing your inner most feelings..The subtler it is,the more appealing it is..That’s how lyricists like Sahir did it..
Pancham makes the composition of this interrogatory writing incredibly romantic..playful it is,and yet so melodious..
His use of the instruments..The first thing comes to mind,is the rhythm..Your heartbeat is a rhythm..when you are excited,or engaged in an activity,it becomes faster,when calm,its steady,slower..He has used exactly similar changing rhythm patterns throughout.. Fabulous use of the congas..notice the way it doubles up akin to a thumping heart,after every “Dil me mere ask kya Hai”,,or ,at the most delectable part of the song,at “nahi re,nahi re,nahi re ..nahi nahi” ..His use of rhythm patterns throughout the song,make me think of the ECG ..A graph that shows the changes in heartbeats..also telling you that a person is alive..Here, they both have come alive,with that meeting after a long period of separation..That excitement in their hearts, put forth through the different rhythm patterns that are ” oh- so- delectable”,and astonishing too..
The Guitar is another star player..the phrases used are engraved on the mind along with the lyrics and the rendition..Infact after the conversation in adlib in the beginning,the song opens to guitar strums,followed by the brief phrase on the electric flute and the magical notes on the synth..The Congas take over,the Madal makes it presence felt in the single subdued yet unmistakable notes,and the strings provide support throughout..specially filling up the interludes..The 1st interlude has the wonderful phrase on the trumpet,with the strings,and the 2nd interlude showcases two different patterns a smoothly progressing one of steady notes,when we see the famous open jeep on its journey,and the second circular twirling one,when the visuals are of Neetu Singh cavorting on the greens..
Kishore da and Asha ji are stupendous ,and make the song what it is..Not to forget the immaculate enacting by fresh as -a -daisy Neetu Singh ,and if I may ,fresh -as a- daisy, or Rose, Shashi Kapoor too.. (his rose red shirt and rosy cheeks make me say this 😀) ..Love their expressions..and the little things they do to bring the song alive..note that “special Shashi Kapoor ‘harkat’ “he does for the word “Najdeek” during “tumhe najdeek laayen”…love to watch it too,for all of this..

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