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Seekho Na Naino Ki Bhasha – Learn The Language Of The Eyes – Non Film

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My eyes convey more than my words could ever say!

The wife in a joint family seldom has the liberty or the time to chat with her husband. Though there are several feelings that she wants him to know, she cannot speak to him often. The only way to converse is through the eyes, as her eyes say it all! Time to learn the language of the eyes, my love!

Seekho na naino ki bhasha piya
Keh rahi tumse yeh khamoshiyaan
Seekho na piya
Lab to na kholungi mein
Samjho dil ki boli
Seekho na naino ki bhasha piya

Learn the language of the eyes, my love
The silences are telling you to learn it
Go on, learn..
I will not open my lips
You will have to understand what my heart is trying to tell you
Learn the language… my love

She asks her husband to learn the language of her eyes. They convey her love for him in every single look. Whether she is bringing him tea, or serving him food with other family members around, her eyes are always looking at him and talking to him.

Sunana seekho, tum hawa ko
Sananana San Sananana San kehti jaa
Padhna seekho, salvato ko
Maathe pe yeh balkhaa ke
Likhti hai kyaa
Ahaton ki hai apni zubaan
In mein bhi hai ek daastan
Jao, jao, jao, jao, jao piya

Learn to listen to the breeze; it sighs, it whispers.
Learn to read the creases, what do they mean when they are formed on the forehead
Footsteps have a dialect of their own and they have a story to tell
So go, my love.. go now and
Learn the language…

She asks him to listen to the sound of the breeze; just like her breath. She wants him to understand the meaning of the crease on her forehead which is quite similar to the crease that is left on their bed sheet. She wants him to understand these subtle clues so that they can talk without speaking.

Thehre paani, jaisa lamhaan
Chhedo na ise hil jaayengi gehraayiyaan
Thamti saanson, ke sheher mein
Dekho to zara bolti hain kya parchaaiyaan
Kehne ko baaki hai kya
Aankhon ne sab keh to diya
Haan, jao, jao, jao, jao, jao piya

A moment, as still as the water
Oh don’t touch it, don’t play with it else it will disturb the depths
In this slow-moving, slow-breathing city, just see how the shadows play
What else is left to say! My eyes have conveyed everything
So go, my love..
Learn the language of the eyes love!

She tells him not to disturb a perfectly-silent moment by speaking; as this could ruin the depth of the silence that prevails. Because love doesn’t need words, it just needs understanding.

The song is sung by Shubha Mudgal and it is from the album Ab Ke Sawan. This song is one of the popular songs of Shubha Mudgal. It is simple and subtle and it has kind of a sweetness to it which is present throughout the song.
The video is directed by Pradeep Sarkar. True to his style, it shows a Bengali household on any given day. The video goes hand in hand with the song and conveys the meaning of the song correctly. Any couple, especially newlywed, can relate to it perfectly.


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