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Shonogo Dokhino Hawa – Besotted Breeze – Non Film

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Shono go dokhino hawa, prem korechhi ami
Legechhe chokhete nesha, dik bhulechhi ami…..

How much this lady Meera Dev Burman must be in love with Sachin Dev Burman, to write lyrics which are so simple yet have this powerful effect on you. At least looking at the way they have been written I think they were written with him in mind. The depth of his love has intoxicated her so much that she’s lost her directions!!
Legechhe chokhete nesha, dik bhulechhi ami…..

She’s one lucky girl. Having won the love of this talented prince (literally). A prince who was a genius musician with a good personality for not only he was tall, he must have had a good complexion since he was nicknamed Dalim meaning pomegranate, in his younger years. (Info:S D Burman – The Prince Musician). If she was lucky, he was even luckier. For he found the lyrics for his tunes with her and together they made songs. Even if she was tender at heart, she must have been a strong willed person, a powerhouse. Otherwise which girl back in the 30s would have confided about her love for SDB to her dance teacher, even when she was quite young and he was much older to her!!? (Again info: SDB – The Prince Musician). Love makes one do weird things. And she’s in love.

She’s telling this to the light, cool southern breeze which hint the arrival of monsoon. How beautifully he’s structured the song on Raag Barawa. An evening raag known for its soft nature. It uplifts the feel of that cool evening breeze. As if the breeze is also besotted by their love. The breeze must have been really caressing light. The swarmandal in the prelude gives you the hint of it. Followed by the rustic, nasal voice of SDB. Bangla language sounds sweeter in his voice. First 2 lines of the mukhda are capella. Then an instant push by the swarmandal again and merging into rubab and tabla simultaneously. A small twang of the rubab in between the lines is delightful. Of course SDB can’t miss on the flute. It is right there just before the antara begins.

Monete lukano chhilo shukto je tiasha
Jagilo modhu logonete baralo piyasha
Utola korechhe more amari bhalobasha
Onuraag e prem sholile duub diyechhi ami

This wish (of being in love) lay inert in my heart, it was always there. But now it is all inflammed, intensified by this sweet situation. My emotions are all stirred up by my love and I’m drenched in the ocean of love. (sholil – water, so I assume the meaning as ocean or sea).
Here he sings – Shono go madhuro hawa – sweet breeze)
Flute takes up the second interlude giving some way to the rubab again. Tabla is their constant companion.

Dohono bela te ami premer o taposhi
Boroshaat premo dhara shorotero shoshi
Rochibo hemonte maya sheetay te udashi
Hoyechhi boshonte ami bashona bilashi

My love is as pure as the penance done under the blazing sun. It is like the flow of water in the monsoon and as crisp and fresh as the autumn moon. This love is as beautiful and as magical as the fall season, in its full glory. In winter, it will be like oasis. With love all provoked and kindled in spring.
And now the hawa is modiro!!? As he says Shono go modiro hawa….intoxicating!!
There we go…an year round of intoxicating love presented by SDB and his better half. So much said in so much simplicity. From philosophical love to physical love. They are drowned in it with the help of music.

Majrooh Sultanpuri’s words add as the joinder for their love in the Hindi version –

Pehla milan mose nahi re sajan ka
Rahega sada milna dharti gagan ka
Yug se wo hai mera
Yug se wo hai mera main uski re

Aise toh nahi uske rang mein dhali main
Piya ang lag lag ke bhai sanwali main
Mere tan pe chhanv hai
Mere tan pe chhanv hai usi ki re

Khayi hai re hamne kasam sang rehne ki
Aayega re ud ke mera hans pardesi….

The orchestration in Hindi is totally different from the Bangla version. There’s no rubab and tabla, instead we have the use of dholak predominantly. But nevertheless, the song mesmerises, leaving us as besotted as the cool southern breeze.
With measure of time love might go beyond the curtains but songs like these keep it everlasting!!

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  1. Rakesh Dhyani

    March 15, 2019 at 12:32 pm

    Touching review of Burman Da’s song in both versions Deepa Ji. Also very few people know that Meera Dev Burman wrote many memorable songs for Burman da this being one of them. Simple soulful music and matching poetic lyrics. Thank you Deepa Ji.

    • Deepa

      March 15, 2019 at 4:24 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Glad you could connect with it!!


    April 2, 2019 at 5:41 pm

    सफल होगी तेरी आराधना…. भी इसी लय में है।

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