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Sip The Nectar – Govind Damodar Madhaveti – Pandit Jasraj

The all attractive one – Krishna!! He has many names. Govind, Damodar, Madhav, Mukund and many more. But Krishna is the name of the one who is original. The source of all that exists. The all pervading energy which includes everything and everyone. He is all opulence. But as he is the embodiment of wealth, strength, knowledge and beauty, he also represents detachment. Disconnection to the fullest degree is Krishna. The awareness of that is blissful, all that is natural and the awareness of detachment from all that is illusion. Our devotion or bhakti helps us liberate from all that causes concern and worries. In turn it also reawakens the spiritual self. To stay connected with Him in any form is serving Him.

Samo’ham sarva-bhutesu
Na me dvesyo’sti na priyah
Ye bhajanti tu mam bhaktya
Mayi te tesu capi aham

Meaning – Krishna says that though I see all equally, every human being is equal for me, but those who offer their services to me, chant my name get my special attention.
We have so many stories, legends about Krishna coming forward to help his devotees. He takes personal care of the people who surrender to him. He loves his devotees. The legends of Meera are well known across the country. Another such devotee of Krishna is Bilvamangal. A blind devotee of Krishna. Bilvamangal had punished himself by piercing his own eyes which lusted for a prostitute. He then went to Vrindavan and wrote famous scriptures like Shri Krishna Karnamrit and Govind Damodar Stotram. The Govind Damodar Stotram originally has 71 verses. From these 71 verses, Pandit Jasraj has rendered 8 verses, making them immortal with his divine voice. It is also known as Bal Mukundam Ashtakam. Pandit Jasraj, as we know is also an ardent devotee of Krishna. His day begins with- Avahan – inviting the God to stay with him throughout. One of his websites says –

Down the corridors of time…lie indelible experiences strewn across nearly seven decades… glistening pearls of wisdom. Which sometimes bring on a smile or a tear…recalling moments of wordless wonder or deep despair but never to be forgotten, because it is both, the joys and the sorrows, that have chiseled the life of a man who is the chosen instrument of God. For that is just what the Lord Krishna once said to Panditji in a dream – “Jasraj, you must sing. Sing for me. Your prayers reach me faster on the wings of your music!”

And so he sings.

Not many know that Pandit Jasraj started off as tabla player. He accompanied his elder brother Pandit Maniram as a tabla player in his concerts. But a dream, in which he saw Krishna himself asking Jasraj to sing instead of playing tabla. Then on he took music lessons from his elder brother and also Maharaja Jaywant Singh Waghela of Sanand, who also became Panditji’s spiritual guide. As he quotes – “I think that my relationship with God does not need the rigour of ritual. I will always sing in praise of Him and my music is really my aradhana. Main swaron se ishwar ko saadhne ki chesta karta hoon (I try to reach God through my music.)”

Thus, blessed by Krishna himself, Pandit Jasraj has always enthralled the listeners with his rendition which is seeped in devotion. He offers a sip of nectar from his full pitcher, for all the devotees. Divinity thy name is Jasraj!!

Kararavinde padaravindam
Mukharavinde viniveshayantam
Vatasya patrasya pute shayanam
Balam Mukundam manasa smarami

His hands, his feet, his face, all are as beautiful and delicate as a lotus flower. I, thus, meditate upon this form of infant Krishna, who is lying on a Banyan leaf, putting his lotus feet in his mouth.

Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari
Hey Nath Narayana Vasudev
Jeevhe pibasvamritam etad eva
Govinda Damodar Madhaveti

Bilvamangal beseeches his tongue to chant the name Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari, hey Nath Narayan Vasudev. Thus chanting, drink only this nectar through his name, always. Govind Damodar and Madhav!!

Vikretukama kila gopa-kanya
Dadhyadikam mohavashad avochad
Govinda Damodar Madhaveti

The young Gopis have come out to sell butter, milk, dahi, ghee. But there minds and souls are so much absorbed in the lotus feet of Krishna, that instead of calling out “Milk for sale”, they call out His name – Govind Damodar and Madhav

Gruhe gruhe gopa-vadhu-kadambah
Sarve militva samavaya-yoge
Punyani namani pathanti nityam
Govinda Damodar Madhaveti

In each and every house, these ladies gather in a group on different occasions. They chant together this superior name Govind Damodar and Madhav thus connecting with the transcendental world and Krishna.

Sukham sayana nilaye nije pi
Namani viṣṇoḥ pravadanti martyaḥ
Te niscitam tanmayatam vrajanti
Govinda Damodar Madhaveti

Even the ordinary people who sit in the comforts of their home and chant this pious name Govind Damodar and Madhav are bound to get salvation, liberation from the mortal world.

Jivhe sadaiva bhaja sundarani
Namani krishnasya manoharani
Govind Damodar Madhaveti

Saint Bilvamangal further requests his tongue – O my tongue always worship and chant these beguiling, beautiful names Govind Damodar and Madhav because only these names will remove and destroy the obstacles in the path of a devotee.

Sukhavasane tu idam eva saram
Duhkhavasane tu idam eva geyam
Dehavasane tu idam eva jaapyam
Govind Damodar Madhaveti

This is the true essence found after the worldly happiness comes to an end. This is to be chanted after the end of all sufferings. Even at the time of one’s death, when the soul leaves the material body we should chant Govind Damodar and Madhav.

Sri Krishna Radhavara Gokulesa
Gopala Govardhan-natha Vishno
Jivhe pibasvamrtam etad eva
Govind Damodar Madhaveti

Sri Krishna, the one who is most dear to Radha, the lord of Gokul, master of Goverdhan, the avtar of Vishnu, Gopal – O tongue drink the nectar of these names only. Govind Damodar and Madhav.

Tvam eva yache mama dehi jivhe
Samagate danda-dhare kritante
Vaktavyam evam madhuram su-bhaktya
Govind Damodar Madhaveti

O my tongue, I ask you that whenever I meet Yamaraj – the one who holds a mace in his hand. That is at the time of my death, please utter these sweet names of Govind Damodar and Madhav only.

Jivhe rasajje madhura-priya tvam
Satyam hitam tvam paramam vadami
Avarnayetha madhurakaarani
Govind Damodar Madhaveti

O my tongue, you are fond of sweet things. You discriminate between the tastes. But I wish to tell you the highest truth. The sweetest words are Govind Damodar And Madhav and they are also the most beneficial words.

As we come to the end of this recital by Panditji, you will experience pure aural bliss when he keeps on chanting only Govind Govind Govind. It is sure to kindle the inner soul, the innermost core of your existence. It touches the place where Krishna resides in you. Invoking the inner self with the sweet words – Govind Damodar Madhaveti.

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