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The Soft Glow Of Love – Dil Ka Diya Jalaa Ke Gaya – Akashdeep

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Dil ka diya jalaa ke gaya
Ye kaun meri tanhaai mein
Soye naghme jaag uthe
Honthon ki shehnaai mein

Beautiful, feather soft lyrics from Majrooh Sultanpuri. The song is the best example of a woman in love. She has just fallen in love and expressing her feelings to the world. Her expressions are as soft as the love she is experiencing. Baani (Nimmi) plays a mute girl in Akashdeep (1965). How brilliantly the song has been done in this context!! Chitragupta has kept the tunes subdued, somewhat muted melody. Violins in the beginning give the account of thrill of love experienced by Baani. And then the soft melody takes over with the jal tarang. Lata Mangeshkar as if whispers the lyrics in your ears, letting out the secret of her feelings. The soft glow of love kindling Nimmi’s heart. Bringing up the feelings as a song, which were deep down in her heart in a slumber.

Pyar armaano ka dar khatkaye
Khwab jaagi aankhon se milne ko aaye
Kitne saaye dol pade
Sooni si angnaai mein

When love comes knocking it arouses all the wishes and desires, Dreaming with the wakeful eyes. The heart which was lonely till now is full with his presence, his shadows.
Continuing the interludes with thrilling yet soft music, Chitragupta takes you further as the hushed tones of Lata Mangeshkar say –

Ek hi nazar mein
Nikhar gayi main toh
Aaina jo dekha sanwar gayi main toh
Tan pe ujala phail gaya
Pehli hi angdaai mein

His one glance has made me beautiful, for I have blossomed in his love. My own reflection is more beautiful now, feelings awakened in his warmth.
Based on Raag Jayjaiwanti, a night time raag. The raag gives it a perfect languid, unhurried touch. Mark how even the interludes are neither in the least nor very rich and pompous. This is no advertisement of her love, but a sombre expression of a mute girl in love.

Kaanpte labon ko main khol rahi hoon
Bol wahi jaise ke bol rahi hoon
Bol jo doobe se hain kahin
Iss dil ki gehraayi mein

Her quivering lips are now eager to say the story of her love. The love that is brimming inside her, making its way through the words which were hidden in the depths of her heart.

A marvellous song from the combo of Lata – Chitragupta, who have given many more like that. Subdued melody was Chitragupta’s forte and he brought it out superbly with Lata Mangeshkar’s voice. The velvety texture of Lata’s voice in this song lightens up the mood. Her voice and Chitragupta’s tunes blend with our souls in a cut and fold method, lifting the mood as we experience the soft glow of love within!!

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  1. KAJARI Majumdar

    December 2, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    Dil ka diya an old song sung by Noorjehan was based on jaijaiwanti. But this song – dil ka diya jalake gaya is in Pahadi raag

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