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Song Review: Apni to har aah ek toofaan hai from Kala Bazaar

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This song has to go as one of the most beautifully picturized songs in Indian movies. And I have strong reasons as I say that. Let me first get you the context of this song. In this movie Raghu ( Dev Anand ) is someone who sells tickets in black and Alka ( Waheeda Rehmaan ) is dating Nandkumar ( Vijay Anand ). Nandkumar goes abroad for higher studies and Raghu is now trying to woo Alka. Alka is going to Ooty with her parents in the train to recover from the shock of Nandakumar going away and Raghu follows her.



So here Raghu is trying his best to flirt with Alka in front of her parents. Now that is a tough one to do in any age or time. He has to be convey the message and still not sound desperate. So here is where lyrics by Shailendra fit in so beautifully. They keep the girls’s parents confused whether he is talking about God or his love. Vijay Anand has picturized that confusion with great skills. And as Alka’s hands drop from the berth above, Raghu says

सर पे मेरे तू जो अपना हाथ ही रख दे
फिर तो भटके राही को मिल जाएँगे रस्ते

What a beautiful marriage of lyrics with the situation. Another beautiful aspect of this song is the pace of the song. It just takes you to a slowly moving Indian train with lovely sights inside as well as outside. The usage of train whistle also adds a touch of class by Burman Da.

If you know a song more beautifully picturized, mention in the comments below.


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