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Songs That Play Games with Our Mind

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Some songs do have immense impact in the minds of music lovers as well as music directors too …one can’t get rid of those unforgettable tunes… so easily ….some times…. that can be intoxicating …haunting…. whatever the word may be… but meaning would be …the same… travels through your mind and heart repeatedly…..

Lets start with the song ‘oh ansini mere hansini ‘ one of the best songs of 1974 from Zehreela insaan ….Music by RD BURMAN and lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri. This film was a remake of Vishnuvardhan starrer kannada movie ‘Naagarahaavu’. If you notice, the starting music of this song inspired many music directors, knowingly or unknowingly. They got inspired so much by this song.

Here are the examples. In 1975 …a cult movie Julie ( Chattakari – was the original Malayalam version ) was released …music by Rajesh Roshan lyrics by Anand Bakshi. If you listen to the starting music of the song ‘Bhool gaya sab kuch yaad nahi ab kuch ……’you will be surprised to know that it has an uncanny resemblance to ‘Hansini mere hansini by RD Burman ( even you can cut paste the starting music of hansini and can continue singing bhool gaya sab kuch….of julie …try …once)

Then in 1979 …Ramsey brother’s horror film …’Aur kaun’ was released starring Sachin Music by Bappi da and lyrics by amit khanna. Although film was a flop one song became very popular …’Haan pehli baar haan pehli baar by kishore kumar. If you listen to the starting music of this song it has a mixture both songs mentioned above …. and one more thing if you remember.. the mukhda of this song which resemble his own composition …. Its the title song of “Chalte chalte ‘…which was released three years earlier. If you sing like mixing these two songs… ‘Haan pehli baar …chalte chalte …haan pehli baar…they mix so well.. Interestingly both songs were written by amit khanna. One more interesting thing in haan pehli baar song …the anthra starts like….’kisi ko na pata chala kya ho gaya..aisi mili nazarein ki dil kho gaya…. This tune of anthra as it is used in thodi si jo peeli hai chori toh nahi ki hai ..later in Namak Halaal …which was written by Anjaan( probably ) and music by Bappi da it goes like this

Main bhii jaanuun peenaa to burii baat hai
Kaise na pee luun pyaasii ye raat hai
Oopar se hasiinon kaa hasiin saath hai




Listen to all these songs and find more and more similarities …:-)


  1. Nishant Rana

    October 14, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    Awesomely written. These facts and comparisons are a shocking revelation to me as I love all these songs. I never noticed these till I read this interesting article, and I did listened all these songs along reading.

  2. Subodh

    October 15, 2018 at 6:16 am

    Deep thought

  3. Nishita Shrivastav

    October 1, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Really interesting and insightful article.. keep writing Sir .. ?

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