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Story Behind The Making Of Jao Re Jogi Tum Jao Re – Amrapali

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I do not think this is the actual video of this song…. I have seen Amrapali ages back… What is really interesting about this song is how it was born… This was narrated to me by Lekh Tandon himself…
Lekh Tandon’s dream project, Amrapali was in progress…
Famous Recording Studio Tardeo….. Shanker Jaikishen, Lekh Tandon and Shailendra were present while Shanker Jaikishen’s 100 piece orchestra rehearsed the music for the song… Everything was in place… Suddenly, the phone in the recording studio rang…. Shanker was summoned….Raj Kapoor was on the line. He asked Shanker to let him hear the song, which Kaviraj had written. Shanker sang the words on the phone while the orchestra played…It was “Kaatey na katey rainaa…”…. As soon as the song got over, Raj Kapoor told Shanker…. ” Please hand over the phone to Lekh ” As Lekh Tandon spoke to Raj Kapoor, the others saw the blood draining from his face. He finally kept the phone. When the others asked him what the matter was, Lekh told them…. ” Rajsahab wants this song for ‘Mera Naam Joker’….. what do we do now ” ?
Lekh Tandon had been Raj Kapoor’s assistant… Shanker Jaikishen and Shailendra were Raj Kapoor’s discoveries…. There was no way they could turn him down… They were in a huddle, at a loss as to what to do, when, the tragedy worsened…. Lata Mangeshkar arrived !!! They were colleagues but all were in awe of, and had great respect for the lady…
She asked them what the matter was… They told her…. For a moment she was silent, then she pulled the Harmonium towards herself and said… ” So what ! Let us make another song… we can do it…” !
Within a few minutes, Shanker Jaikishen and Lata had a tune ready…
Shailendra wrote…. ” Jaao re, jogi tum jaao re….”
“Waah waahs” all around… Then came the question…. ” The verses ” ???
Shailendra gallantly rose to the occasion and said…. ” Let everyone disperse and come back at 3pm…. I will have the verses….”
Disperse they did…. Shailendra called Lekh and asked him to accompany him…. They sat in Shailendra’s car and reached ‘Aarey Milk Colony’…. One of their favourite haunts…. Shailendra stopped on the way and picked up some beers….They sat in the restaurant…. Lekh Tandon was getting nervous…. Shailendra kept smoking and thinking…. His notebook was blank…. They had lunch…. Lekh could hardly eat…. It was past two in the afternoon when Shailendra rose … He apologetically told Lekh Tandon… ” Kuchh aa nahin rahaa hai…. recording cancel kar detey hain….”
To say that Lekh Tandon was shattered, would be an understatement !
100 musicians, the studio…. and most of all, cancelling Lata Mangeshkar’s precious ‘date’ ! Nothing short of sacrilege…!
Lekh was getting panicky…. If Lata Mangeshkar did not kill him, his producer would… Shailendra and Lekh Tandon were silent as the car reached the recording studio. Horror of horrors ! Latabai’s car was already there….Lekh told Shailendra… ” You handle her…. I cannot face her….” Shailendra moved ahead….
When he entered the ‘monitor’ room, he saw Lata in the glass cabin where singers stood and sang….He went in… Lekh Tandon was looking on …. he saw Lata and Shailendra having an animated conversation…. He was curious….This was what he had anticipated….
Lata was giving Shailendra hell for wasting her day…. Because the cabin was sound-proof, he could not hear anything…. He quietly switched on the singer’s microphone…. What he heard really shocked him…. Lata Mangeshkar was asking Shailendra… ” Do we need three verses ” ? Shailendra was furiously scribbling something…. He handed it to her and walked out….
Lekh Tandon always breaks down when he narrates this interesting story…. Shailendra had rattled off three verses in front of the great Lady…!!!
Lekh, excitedly ran up to Shanker and Jaikishen and narrated what he had just witnessed…. They were amused but not shocked… They expected Shailendra to deliver…Deliver he did… AND HOW !!!
Read the words and judge for yourself…
Jaao re, jogi tum jaao re,
Yeh hai premiyon ki nagari,
Yahan prem hi hai pooja..

Prem ki peeda, sachchaa sukh hai,
prem binaa yeh jeevan dukh hai…

Verse 2
Jeevan se kaisaa chhuttkaara,
Hai nadiyaa ke saath kinaara…

Gyaan ki kaisi, seema gyaani,
Gaagar mein saagar ka paani…

While Lekh Tandon and Shailendra were struggling for the words, the great Shanker-Jaikishen were decorating the music with some excellent sitar pieces and rhythm….
HE does not make people like this anymore….


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  2. deepak mehta

    April 12, 2019 at 9:22 am

    Hey maa saraswati in genius logon ke andar se aap apna kaam karti ho tabhi ye rachnayein aaj tak zinda hain salute to musicians lyricists and lata ji

  3. Nagesh Cavatur

    November 16, 2019 at 4:22 pm

    This is the stuff of legends, and it involves truly legendary people. Thanks for sharing this awesome incident.

  4. Vikram Seth

    December 18, 2021 at 3:03 pm

    watched the entire movie for this song, but this song is missing from the movie, please help

    • Madhav Chavan

      February 6, 2022 at 8:18 pm

      Right. “Amrapali” is on Netflix but the song is missing from the movie and there is no video of it on YouTube either although videos of all other songs are available. What is the story? Who knows it? “Jata kahan hai deewane” in CID was censored out and not in the movie. Why is “jao re jogi tum jao re” missing?

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