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Sublime Entreaty – Sun Mere Bandhu Re – Sujata

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Films made by Bimal Roy though are commercial, give a kind of message to the society and Sujata (1959) is not an exception. It deals with issue of untouchability and social stigma it carried in the Indian society. We have Nutan playing the title role of Sujata and the entire film is from her point of view. In fact the name Sujata means from a good origin (Su-jata). But here she’s reckoned as the untouchable. A simple story brilliantly handled by Bimal Roy, its strong point is its simplicity. And the melodious music by SDB with able backing of lyrics by Majrooh Sultanpuri adds charm to its simplicity.

From the songs that SDB has rendered for Hindi films, most of them outline the essence of female psyche, with Mere sajan hain uss paar (Bandini)….topping the chart. The lyrics describe a glimpse of what the woman is feeling about her beloved, a peek in her heart. Also most of these SDB songs are background scores. Kaahe ko roye, doli mein bithayi ke kahar, mere saajan hain uss paar, sun mere bandhu re…..

The song Sun mere bandhu re ruffles the listener just as the effect of waves on the body. It can very well come in the category of either Sufi music or a bhatiali or an ethereal love song or all of these. Look at it any way, it is sure to send you into a trance. The zenith of the song being SDB and his primitive voice. The mere virile quality fascinates the listeners. Majrooh adding all the lustre with his lyrics and polishing it to perfection.
We have 2 lovers craving for each other on the shore of a river. Their emotions are caressed by the gentle breeze. The unclear, dispersed light of late evening gives this bhatiyali song a perfect background.

Sun mere bandhu re (the echo is so haunting)
Sun mere mitwa
Sun mere saathi re….

The words just remain within the concave of your mind. The song begins with Adhir (Sunil Dutt) proclaiming his love for Sujata (Nutan). And he asks her answer in return….”Bolo na Sujata” while she being too shy to answer, avoids it. But her mind is still dwelling on his proclamation, her heart curls into waves of joy. SDB gives that effect in the background. One can hear the boat being rowed into water. Sending ripples through it. Just like Sujata is experiencing. The song is the proclamation of Sujata’s love for Adhir. Picturised beautifully with a complete Bimal Roy stamp. The distant singing of a boatman emoting Sujata’s feelings. As we don’t see the boatman singing, it is as good as a background number. Love for each other ebbing through a bhatiali song with a true SDB essence. While Adhir asks Sujata to marry her, she still trying to avoid finally gives in and says….”Jab tum chaho” and SDB’s voice mirrors her thoughts.

Hota tu peepal main hoti
Amarlata teri
Tere gale mala ban ke padi muskaati
Sun mere saathi re

She will be most happy blossoming with his love, just like the creeper does on a peepal tree. Meanwhile, the flute endures around the love she’s experiencing. And SDB’s voice is as vast as the water expanse.

Jiya kahe tu sagar main hoti
Teri nadiya
Leher beher karti apne piya se mil jaati re
Sun mere saathi re

Her love would be like a river radiantly swirling towards the vast sea to merge with it. Thus completing their togetherness. SDB’s voice though usually elevates the songs to another philosophical level, his voice for this particular song elevates the level of love Sujata and Adhir are experiencing. Without saying a single word, all the feelings are conveyed by Sujata. With SDB’s voice as the boatman, ferrying her feelings to its destination!!

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