Summer Hues With 8 Songs

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The Summers are here!!!! Absence of water, stuffy and sultry hot winds, hard soil, dry deserts……things which come to mind when you say summer. There’s more to it…..summer vacations, ice creams, swimming pools, indoor games 🙂 Let’s add one more thing to it- stay indoors and enjoy a few hot-cool songs. A few summer hues songs!!


1. Find solace with this song.


2. Take care of your loved ones!!


3. Let there be love in the air


4. Summer time remind you of the dry deserts


5. This song comes as the night breeze in the desert


6. How we wish Suraj Hua Madham…….Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham


7. Carefree summer evenings with friends


8. But summer is just a season. It will change and bring in the rains……seasons will come and go, memories are here to stay.

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