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Suniyo Jee Araj Mhaari Yo – A Poignant Beauty From Film Lekin 

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Suniyo Jee Araj Mhaari Yo is a melodious number in Raag Vihanginee. Lata’s voice moves like a meandering river, nourishing everything in its path, with every nuance reined in. The Emotions she’s put in her rendition are compelling ,intriguing & haunting. It spellbinds you right from the starting ‘Aakaari’ ,and the moving, sonorous pathos in her voice runs into stunning ‘murkis’ and ‘sargam’ thereby taking it to another level .The mere intonations in her voice tell a story of their own. It stirs up a maelstrom of emotions inside you.

Beautiful lyrics by Gulzar highlighting the pain of separation from the family, are heart-touching and gut-wrenching. The classically-classic composition by Hridaynath Mangeshkar is breath taking and mind blowing . His Marathi compositions and folk music are exemplary and in appreciation of it ,was conferred upon the title of ‘Pandit’. He got National Film Award for the best music director for his song compositions in this film ‘Lekin’ .

Naushad had once said, 

A song is a bird, 
where the body is the lyricist, 
the music director puts life into it,
and the singer gives it wings to fly.
If the singer is not as good, 
then,the song will not fly.

In  my opinion it is all a collective effort, a team work,but Yes, the right expressive rendition can make a huge difference. It can take the song to ethereal heights ! And Lata has done more than justice to it . She has truly taken it to ethereal heights . It’s almost like Hridaynath is the wind behind her wings. It’s a song where singer, lyricist, composer, and the actors on whom it is  picturised ,have given their best. Gorgeous and talented Dimple adds to the allure of the song with her beauty and emotive skills, her eyes liquid with emotions ,express her anguish and despondency fabulously .  

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