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Teri Dhoom Har Kahin – Kala Bazaar – Money Matters

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Money talks!! Does it? Money matters, does it?
Money often costs too much. Does it?
A poor man can’t answer these questions. But from his point of view it would seem that money certainly talks. And it certainly matters. Haven’t we heard the Hindi phrase – Paisa bolta hai!! The lure for money might cost you a lifetime. If you think money can’t buy happiness, ask a man whose family has been starving for days together. For a humble man, feeding his family with 2 meals everyday is happiness. But the fact sometimes contradicts when it applies to a rich man. He has all the money but no wealth of happiness. He’s constantly in rush to maintain his position on that level. Confusing? Well, earning money and maintaining it is a vicious circle.
Bhookh roti ki ho toh paisa kamaaiye
Paisa kamaane ke liye bhi paisa chahiye
Maange se naa mile toh pasinaa bahaiye
Behta hai jab pasina toh rumaal chahiye
Ho golmaal hai bhai sab gol maal hai

So goes the Junior Burman’s song.
Money is all about seedhe raste ki tedhi chaal!!
Kala Bazaar (1960) is a bold statement of Vijay Anand against the black marketing. The lure of money takes the young man on the wrong side of the law. With an old, ailing mother and a young sister to look after, Dev Anand, takes to black marketing, forgetting about his humble background. An unemployed young man, Raghuvir (Dev Anand) trying to shoulder the financial responsibilities of the house finds himself in clutches of foul business of black marketing. Though he knows it is a quicksand, he is enjoying this pocketful condition of his. The security that money has given him is unmatched. To know that his dear ones will now lead a stable life makes him glorify money. Place money at par with God. Eyeing a mere coin which has given him immense happiness, with dull but haunting percussion (congos) in the background, it is a praise money situation –

Sooraj ke jaisi golaai
Chanda ki thandak bhi paayi
Thanke toh pyare duhai
Lai lai lai lai
Teri dhoom har kahin
Tujh sa yaar koi nahin
Hum ko toh pyare tu sab se pyara
Lai lai lai lai

A mere coin is compared to the Sun and the Moon. And Shailendra once again begins the song with an antara. S D Burman brings in a set of 2 trumpets in the interlude. One sombre, the other playful. While Dev is delighted to see his pockets full, he also knows that his methods are not correct. But he has to do it to face his present rather than think about the future. The fleeting flute is there to narrate this side of the story.
Duniya ki gaadi ka pahiya
Tu chor tu hi sipahiya (and you can hear the police whistle)
Rajon ka raja rupaiya
Lai lai lai lai

Budhon ki tu hi jawaani
Bachpan ki dilkash kahaani
Tere bina doodh paani
Lai lai lai lai

Daulat ka mazhab chalake
(Om dhanaaya namah!)
Hum ek mandir banake
(Hare dhan! hare dhan!)
Poojenge tujhko bithaake
Jay jay jay jay jay

There’s another stanza in the song which wasn’t included in the film. You can hear it in the audio clip(courtesy Shankar Iyer).

Aurat ke maathe ka teeka
Thumri aur kajri se meetha
Tu raaz hai zindagi ka
Lai lai lai lai….

Interludes are almost same throughout the song except for a whistle here and there. As the song progresses, the status of money also progresses. From becoming a friend, a thief, a cop, a king, desires of youth and captivating stories of childhood to finally attaining Godhood. Shailendra and S D Burman give yet another thought to ponder. Rafi’s voice also changes from reflective to playful as he sings the antara and slides to lai lai lai lai…with ease. He is adorable in the end while he sings jai jai jai jai….!!
Dev’s accomplice Rashid Khan is adorable too with all his animated antics. Dev in meanwhile is a picture of innocence, culpable satisfaction, guilt and self reproach. All this while he has heaps of money. Don’t they say – if you make money your God, it’ll plague you like Devil!!

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  2. NRN Iyer

    September 21, 2020 at 6:25 pm

    Rafi in full form in this song with meaningful lyrics of Shailendra under music of S D Burman

  3. Subu Vaikuntam

    August 24, 2021 at 12:11 am

    Awesome review of the song which hitherto only appealed to me mainly for the tune and the gayaki. But your analysis of the lyrics gives me a new dimension to further adore it

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