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Thahariye Hosh Mein Aa Loon – A Melody With Subtle Romanticism

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Rafi was a singer par-excellence! Besides having a fantastic voice, his mastery over his craft was amazing. It’s visible in the vast repertoire of songs he’s left behind . His other ‘ khoobiity ‘ was that, he  could mould his voice to suit any actor( be it Dilip,Dev, Shammi, Shashi,or Johnny Walker), and any situation, right from melancholic, to patriotic, to such soft romantic, heart-warming ,tender, and captivating numbers.
Majrooh — a Maverick Lyricist,  a revolutionary poet, a serious ‘Shaayar’, and also a beautiful romantic Shaayar,
who made you fall in love with poetry. He’s wooed many listeners with his stunning Wordsmithery. The rhythmical creation of beauty in simple words ,infused with meaning to the utmost degree is the epitome of Romanticism. It’s not the words used ,but the emotions it invokes, that’s what is alluring about it.

Rafi with his magical rendition and Shashi with his boyish charm serenade Nanda and us, in a soft and sweet style.

Suman Kalyanpur’s soft and nectarous rendition is in total sync with Nanda’s soft & sweet persona.
Romancing is easy, but writing romantic songs, that are not over the top, blatantly obvious, and cheesy, is no small feat. This is one such song which is epitome of sweet and soft romance. In that Golden era of music, songs were created with charm and attention to details ,respecting the sensitivity and sensibility of music lovers . That’s why they stay with you for decades, and are cherished even today.
In this Tender Serenading melody,  the soft words sway gently, like a soothing, whispering breeze on a warm evening. The melody caresses you with its lyrics,  voice, sounds, rhythms, picturisation, and fabulous enactment by Shashi and Nanda.

कब तलक रहिएगा यूं दूर की चाहत बनके
दिल में आ जाईये इकरार ए मोहब्बत बनके
अपनी तक़दीर बना लूँ तो चले जाईयेगा

The way he pauses before ‘ दूर ‘ and then stretches the word, it really feels like a long distance. His handsome face surfeit with softness,the way he shakes his head , and tweaks her nose in a gentle tease, and the way she responds with a shy, sweet smile  and with her signature phrase ‘Mmm Hmmm’  is so endearing.


मुझको इकरार ए मोहब्बत से हया आती है
बात कहते हुए गर्दन मेरी झुक जाती है
देखिये सर को झुका लूँ तो चले जाईयेगा

Nanda’s beguiling ‘adaayein’ and the way he says ‘haaye’  at the end of the verse, almost kills you.

ऐसी क्या शर्म ज़रा पास तो आने दीजिये
रुक से बिखरी हुयी जुल्फिन तो हटानेदीजिये
प्यास आँखों की बुझा लूँ तो चले जाईयेगा
ठहरिये होश में आ लूँ तो चले जाईयेगा
आपको दिल में बिठा लूँ तो चले जाईयेगा

Such a sweet entreaty, how can one not succumb to such subtle but Potent charm and supplication.
The sheer simplicity and beauty of this enticing number, aesthetically picturised leaves a warm glow in your heart .



  1. Bhuvan

    January 8, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    This is one romantic song which will never fade away with time; it is matchless in every which way, writing by Majrooh, Khayyam’s composition, Suman and Rafi’s renditiond and Nanda and Shashi kapoor’s performance has stated with the time and shall stay forever.

  2. Ramakrishna

    January 10, 2017 at 3:54 am

    So beautifully sung by Rafi king – Suman king. We are indebted to the writer- music director singer- .

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