That Era of Pop Music – Enjoy Your Day With Best Indian Pop Songs

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Remember that time of cassettes and CDs ??? That was the era of Indian pop culture which gave the audience some remarkable albums, some beautiful songs which the listeners would always love to treasure. That time of something melodious other than Bollywood songs is gone. But the song lovers miss those compositions even today, listening to which they used to spend their day.

Pop culture in India has not only given some of the best songs of the time but has also introduced some of the legendary singers who later became big names in the Bollywood.

So only for you! Cherish your memory with some evergreen pop songs which used to be our favourites.

1) Alisha Chinai.

Made In India became the first Indian Pop album to make it into the chartbusters like that of the Bollywood hits.


2) You will definitely love this song. She became the house hold name with her album Dhuan in 1991. Sunita Rao with the ‘Paree’ song


3) Deewana became a craze among the youngsters and from there on started the successful journey of the singer Sonu Nigam.


4) The ‘Tanha’ journey embarked by Shaan, is mesmerizing.


5) She definitely ruled the pop world of music during the late 90s and still a big name in Gujrati community. Yes it is Falguni Pathak.


6) A song which is a must number till date when it comes to a farewell party. Yes, you are right. It is ‘Pal’ by the singer KK.


7) Cannot miss on the Indian band Euphoria which became the heart of pop music. Dr. Palash Sen and his team presenting ‘Dhoom Pichak Dhoom.’


8) A singer who tried to change the wave in the pop world. Lucky Ali with a song from his first ever album Sunoh.


9) A perfect fusion by the perfect cousins. Yes, the Colonial Cousins with the song ‘Krishna.’


10) The famous ‘Gift of the Magi’ story in Pankaj Udhas’s version. The song ‘Ahista’ will never fails to move your heart.

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