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Artists do a great job by giving life to a piece of art. Having said so, the greater contribution in the society is done by those who help or groom these artists. It is our great fortune to come across Yogesh  Rathore who highlighted us on the activities conducted by the Pune based Muziclub which gives a platform to those folks who want to attain expert skills in the field of music; especially to someone who wants to gradute as a Conga Player.

Rathore heads the Muziclub as its Chief Mentor along with his team of core members which comprise of Devinder Singh Chahal, Vinay Peshwa, Mohammed Muneem, Hardik Vaghela and Shruti, Jakati who run the club with the mission to make music accessible to all and everybody. The interesting fact remains is the people who initiated the club are from core IT background and saw the future of the club because of their intense interest in music. Having a good knowledge about the use of technology, the team wanted to bridge the gap and address the operational challenges of those music learners who were not able to attain expertise because of various reasons.

The club approaches to varied group of people enabling them to acquire skills in their best suited way. With the help of highly skilled and certified music teachers the club impart training to students through structured learning programmes, whereas the IT professionals have their part of programme with flexible courses and workshops because of their busy work schedule. The club has also designed dedicated programmes for music artist with industry standards certification to help them groom their career as professionals.

The club offers an environment for a complete learning process with courses for music theory along with proper course materials. The learner oriented club provides instruments for the students in its premises itself and the students do not have take the trouble of carrying their own musical instruments. In fact, the club provides instruments required for the training by schools and corporate houses.

The story does not end with imparting knowledge; the club keeps tracks of every individual’s performance to enhance their skills and help them become experts in their domain. The activities of the club aim at boosting the self confidence of the potential artists by conducting Sunday Jam sessions where performing in front of a live audience develops a higher level of confidence in them. The club in association with ‘Blue Frog’ organised an event on World Earth Day in 2015 which comprised of Music, Drama, Dance, and Poetry. Taking their story of training to another level, the club organizes seminars, workshops, performances by established artist/s like Ashish Manchanda, Ranjit Barot, Raghu Dixit, Agnee and Nikhil D’ Souza.         PicsArt_10-08-02.28.22


With a motive to contribute something significant in the field of music, the members of the club have their views to improve and expand their functions. On being asked about their future projects, Rathore said that the team is working on building online platform for learners to learn from their home at their convenience with a live tutor. Live music programme is also something the team is working on to give a basic knowledge about music and the list further includes a song recommendation engine to facilitate learners to suggest songs which can suit their skill set. The engine will also provide song tabs, chords, notations and playing instructions, video lessons etc created and checked by established performing artists.

This Pune based music club is doing a noble job to nurture the artist budding within each person, for the members feel that skills can be enhanced and improved with proper given environment and training. Music appeals to all and the club with its varied range of programmes ensures an easy way to acquire music skills which calls for an appreciation by all music lovers. Certification from internationally recognized examination boards such as Trinity and ABRSM also adds credit to the performance of the club.

Coming from the IT field, Rathore and his team is trying to strengthen and beautify the world of music. We wish the group all the best for all their future ventures and, we as music admirers truly hope that the group grows really big embracing all the success which comes on their way and create musical stars to make the country feel proud about them.


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