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The Powerful Voices of Vishal Dadlani and Sonu Kakkar in Madari – A Coke Studio Creation

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“Arrey oh baabu mushoy hum to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hain jiski dor us upar wale ke haathon main hai kab, kaun kahan uthega ye koi nahin janta” Remember this famous dialogue from the movie Anand. Said it in simple language, but it conveys the philosophy of life, the connection of humans with the Supreme Being.
One must be wondering why am I writing about this particular dialogue ? The reason being the reflection of the philosophy found in the song ‘Madari’ of Season 2, Coke Studio India. The track is composed by Clinton Cerejo. Catchy are the lyrics of the song which talks about the union with the Almighty. Manoj Yadav is the person behind such beautiful lyrics.
The song works at a spiritual level where it conveys the Almighty being the controller of one’s life. Nothing is possible without Almight’s wish and hence the title of ‘Madari’ who controls the actions of the beings and we as human have the only option to dance as ‘Jamoora’ in tune played the ‘Madari.’ Madari in Hindi language means the magician, and Jamoora is suppose to act and comply with the commands of the Madari; similar like that of the relationship shared by humans and Almighty. The union and blessing of God is possible one’s life only if He wishes to shower it. We humans are just puppets and all we can do is to surrender ourselves in the hands of the Almighty.
The spiritual content can lead you to expect a calm and soft number. To the contrary, it is a fast beat number and a loud track in which you might end up tapping your feet. The song starts at a slow pace with guitar and keyboard playing and soon after few seconds you will get to hear the distinct sound of the Mandolin, which gradually paces up the beats of the song followed by guitar and drums. The beautiful integration of the musical instruments is accompanied by the strong and powerful voices of Vishal Dadlani and Sonu Kakkar. Their high pitched voices together have a great impact on the song, so much so that you can hear yourself humming even after you have done with the listening. The song has Hindi and Punjabi lyrics in it.

The track is an amazing one with dominant use of Mandolin and two great voices, all trying to give a spiritual message to the listeners. A Clinton Cerejo’s creation, shouldn’t be a miss if you are a Coke Studio fan.

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