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Kishore Kumar

Kishore Kumar

A multi-talented actor-singer, Kishore Kumar was notoriously eccentric in the manner of many a genius. Kishore had always been familiar with the metamorphosis of fate. While laughter was his keynote, it had tide him over a lifetime that enveloped highs and lows. The traditional concept of comedian has always been one of lowly stature, that of a sidekick. Kishore successfully challenged this image and mixing wit with drama and romance, became Hindi cinema’s only major hero whose popularity relied mainly on comedy.

Satyajit Ray always used to appreciate versatility of Kishore Kumar as a performing artist. Not only he liked Kishore Kumar for his spontaneous singing talent but also for the quality of his voice. He was also fond of Kishore Kumar’s acting talent & his sense of humor. Kishore Kumar never had any formal musical training, but he was a natural mimic, he taught himself to sing by imitating film superstar K.L. Saigal. The latter part helped him in developing his own style of acting. It was typical of Kishore to be unconventional. Let us enjoy his spontaneity on screen in some of his scenes & songs.


1. Khali Pili Kahe Ko (Tamasha-1952):



2. Des Chhudaaye Bhes Chhudaaye (Chacha Zindabad-1959):



3. C A T Cat Maane Billi (Dilli Ka Thug-1958):


4. Half Ticket Comedy Scene (1962):

5. Padosan Comedy Scene (1968):

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