The Sufiyana Style of Bollywood

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Hindi cinema has in its record varied genres of music to entertain and charm its listeners. It has pampered the music lovers with timeless music which is enjoyed worldwide. From classical to hip pop, listeners have got the opportunity to enjoy a great variety of genres featuring especially in Hindi cinema. The latest buzz which has become the top in the list of favourites is the Sufi music. Qawwali which is a part of Sufi music has palyed an important role in Bollywood since a long time, but the admiration that some directors were able to create in the recent time towards Sufi music was missing in Bollywood earlier.

Sufi, originally is a devotional form of music inspired by Sufi poets. Here are some Sufi songs in Bollywood which became really popular in recent times.


This recreated the magic of Sufi music in Bollywood and considered to be one of the best Sufi tracks


Another rendition of Sufi music by A. R. Rahman in the movie Rockstar


‘Arziyaan’ from the movie Delhi 6 is a song that soothes your mind and soul every time you hear it


Adan Sami’s bang on  comeback with the Qawwali cannot be missed in this number


Madan Mohan magic recreated years after his death


A qawwali dedicated to Haji Ali


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