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Today Is A Gift – Aanewaala Pal Jaanewaala Hai – Golmaal

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Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called present.
Now where have we heard this quote before? That’s right, it is from a Hollywood animated flick Kung Fu Panda (2008). A Giant galapagos tortoise, wearing a green cloak with Yin Yang symbol and a Kung Fu master, Oogway preaches this to Po.

We go several years back, where we see Amol Palekar in a music room with Bindiya Goswami. A piano, a guitar shaped wall clock, a music collage on the wall make the atmosphere more musical. I even love the Japanese fan shaped earrings sported by Bindiya Goswami and also Amol Palekar’s geometrical, solid print shirt. So very retro!!!
In comes Pancham with his rich musical notes. The trumpet and the duggi escort Kishore Kumar’s voice which resonates while he goes on –

Hmm hmm hmm aa ha ha
Aanewala pal jaanewala hai
Ho sake to isme zindagi bitado
Pal jo ye jaanewala hai

And who has said this? Our own desi Oogway, a master with words, who always wears a white cloak, preached it way back in 70s. Our Oogway is of course Gulzar and the song is from Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s masterpiece Golmaal (1979). A delightful movie which hasn’t lost its charm even after 35 plus years of its release. It is simple and forthright funny. A quick witted as well as lingual comedy which is crisply written. You just can’t miss out on the magnificent expressions of Utpal Dutt and Amol Palekar when they confront each other every time. Amol Palekar balances his role delightfully, whether it is the earnest Ram or the free spirited Lakshman. He is charming, funny, appealing and captivating. Whether he is constantly pulling his weird sized kurta or fidgeting with his false moustaches, whether he is twirling the keys around his finger or combing his hair, he is simply adorable. It certainly is a stellar performance by him.
And back to our Oogway, who finds a way to preach philosophy even in this hilarious film. While Pancham ushers us to the first stanza through the mixed bag of instruments including the noticeable synthesizer.

Ek baar yun mili
Masoom si kali,
Ho khilte hue kahaa
Khushbaash main chali
Dekha toh yahin hai
Dhoonda toh nahi hai
Pal jo yeh jaane waala hai

I met an innocent bud, who said that the time between my blossoming and withering is only the time I have. A fleeting life which I make worthwhile with my fragrance. Stay happy while I go – Khushbaash main chali. The moment is there, but search for it and its gone.
The understanding that joy, happiness and peace are to be found in the present moment forms the crux of the song. If you go searching for it, you will lose it. Stay happy like the bud that blooms and spreads fragrance.
The guitar strums here steer you into a dream like situation as experienced by Bindiya Goswami. By the time you are to hear the 2nd stanza, you already start feeling as light as those delicate buds falling all over and around you, with their fragrance everywhere.

Ek baar waqt se
Lamha gira kahin
Wahan dastaan mili
Lamha kahin nahin
Thoda sa hansaake
Thoda sa rulaake
Pal yeh bhi jaane waala hai

From the expanse of time, fell a moment. A story was unearthed but the moment went missing. With some smiles, some laughs, this moment will also pass.
It conveys that small moments from the past are remembered by us in form of stories, though the moment is gone, it leaves behind tales of joys and sorrows. Present is all we have.
Lyrics by Gulzar are so infectious and Pancham makes it sure that the song crawls over your mind and heart and stays there. Hear it once and you’ll go humming it the entire day. By the time the song finishes, it is all over you with Kishore’s voice reverberating again and again along with that trumpet piece in the beginning.
Yesterday is past gone, tomorrow may not be yours but you have today – live it, love it!!

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  1. kishorVittal

    April 20, 2020 at 3:32 pm


    Fabulous Analysis of a Great Classic Song
    one of my favorites, while i was playing the song reading ur writeup , my 7 year old niece says , mama i know this song , mummy listens everyday and does her work along .

    Fabulous Life Song by Gulzar Saab and fabulous composition by
    R.D. Burman with a great rendition by Kishore Kumar

    Deepa, Best Wishes. Take Care.

    Love U Panchamda

  2. Yatin Deshpande

    April 20, 2020 at 7:56 pm

    Hi Deepa,
    What a write up. Love it. Can’t get tired listening to the song. What words penned by Gulzar & Pancham’s music, Kishore’s soulful voice. Lethal combination. Sureshot winner.

  3. Sachin Joshi

    April 21, 2020 at 3:17 pm

    What a brilliant write up!! This song is also relevant for the times we are in right now, with this pandemic affecting us. The movie and the song may be 41 years old, but the way you have put it makes sure it will not be forgotten for atleast 60 years more.
    Keep writing,

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