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Tumhi Dekho Na – Myriad Shades Of Love – Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

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Love sometimes surprises us by coming from the most unexpected sources. And when it does, it completely encapsulates us in its glory. That moment onwards we become oblivious to the actual world around us. Our own, love-filled world is filled with many shades of romance.

This song from Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) depicts this state of love perfectly. Not just in terms of music and lyrics but the video too manages to convey this message beautifully. It is a treat to hear and watch this song.

It is a song of Dev (Shah Rukh Khan) and Maya (Rani Mukherji) and their forbidden love. They are married, but not to each other; yet they find love in each other. They try to hold themselves back, try not to listen to their heart; but love finally conquers these barriers and they become one.

The soft sound from the piano and the strings tell you that now you are about to enter the fairyland. Here, the love of Dev and Maya is not forbidden. It is just what love is – Pure. The hue of the screen is drenched in blue. Blue is the colour of the sky and the ocean; quiet and unending. Slowly it changes to black. Here, black symbolizes the protective covering from the outer world and creating their own safe place. As the song progresses, so does the colour and this time it turns orange and the couple look radiant and joyous in that colour. Now, they both are looking at the brighter side of life. Then comes the purple; the colour of spirituality and imagination (they are shown in a church attending a wedding). It shows that their love is pure and intense. Further the shade turns to red and shows their passion in love; the kind of passion that was missing from their lives. And finally comes the green; the colour of emotional tranquility and calm. It shows that finally they have found love and are now calm in each others’ company.

Tumhi dekho na, yeh kya ho gaya
Tumhara hoon mein aur tum meri
Main hairaan hoon, tumhe kya kahoon
Ke din mein hui kaisi chandni
Jaagi jaagi si hai, phir bhi khwaabon mein hai khoi khoi zindagi

Look, what has happened! I have become yours and you mine
I’m amazed, now what can I tell you
How did the day shine in the moon’s radiance!
My life, which did not dare to dream, seems to be lost in one right now

Behke behke se mann, mehke mehke sitam
Ujli ujli fizaaon mein hai
Aaj hum hai jahan, kitni rangeeniyan
Chhalki chhalki nigaahon mein hai
Neeli neeli ghataaon se hai chhan rahi
Halki halki, roshni

Our minds are intoxicated while our distress is now fragrant
Lost and dazed in this bright beautiful breeze
The place where we are at is so colourful
That it has filled our eyes with those colours too
Trickling down through these big blue clouds
Is a soft golden light

Main toh anjaan thi, yun bhi hoga kabhi
Pyaar barsega yun toot ke
Sach yeh ikraar hai, sach yahi pyar hai
Baaki bandhan hai sab jhoot ke
Meri saanson mein hai gul rahi pyaar ki dheemi dheemi ragini

I never thought that such a thing could happen
That the love would pour down on me in this manner
But now that it has happened, that’s the only truth;
This acceptance of love and this love itself
All other bonds are deceiving
My breath is now fresh as the slow tune of love has mixed with it

This melodious song is composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and the lyrics are by Javed Akhtar. Soft on the ears and lyrics that would melt your heart; this amazing combination will remain in your mind for a long time. It will make you emotional and make you want to run to your beloved and hold him/her in your embrace. On that beautiful thought, let us watch the song. Do let us know what emotions you went through while watching or listening to this gem.

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