Visually Impaired Tumpa Kumari’s singing talent will open your eyes

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Art does not discriminate between people, and so is singing. It requires a pure soul to sing from one’s heart and Tumpa Kumari of Ranchi has emerged as a sheer inspiration for the song lovers. Tumpa’s power of singing has created the recent buzz in the social networking sites.

Tumpa may not have the power to see but she has the power to reach to the heart listeners with her melodious voice. In not less than two days when her video was uploaded in YouTube and Facebook, she made such an impact that people in huge numbers started following her and sharing her video.

This is not the end of the story listening to her melodious voice and looking at her extraordinary talent, many personalities from Bollywood came forward suggesting to adopt and groom her skill to become a fine playback singer. Singers like Ravindra Jain, Shreya Ghoshal and Ankit Tiwari have offered to help her and take her to the right place in the film industry.

Tumpa who loves to sing Bollywood songs, is more than glad to see the response of the stars and is looking forward to meet them. It is not only the stars who have showed their interest to help her but a person from Haryana has also promised to help her to get her vison back through cornea transplantation. Details about Tumpa say that she being an orphan studies in Brajkishore Residential Blind School, Ranchi. Her life is restricted to the walls of the campus and she shares this part of life with 13 other blind girls.

Her sister who is married and settled in Odisha is the person who got her admitted to this particular school and is the only acquaintance of Tumpa outside the school. The aim of the school is to aid the students with computer education or singing and the children are taken care free of cost. Principal Neelu Verma said that Tumpa is originally from Dhanbad and according to her when Tumpa came to school they found her as a gifted singer and would be happy to see as a successful singer in Bollywood.

Tumpa might not have the vision to see her present but her pure talent display a bright future and we wish her all the success and love for the coming years.


Our wishes are with her to pursue a music career

Passionate about watching movies and loves listening to songs.


  1. dr.shashi

    July 12, 2015 at 8:56 am

    tumpa i salute your are an invluable asset of for nation.

    • bkbirla

      July 12, 2015 at 11:21 am

      Agree. Please share her talent with your family and friends.

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