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When heart beats sync with tonga beats – Ye Kya Kar Daala Tune – Howrah Bridge

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His music had a sapid taste and a rhythm which set him apart from the other composers. His songs cast a spell on the listeners, easy on the ears but difficult to reproduce. The songs were suggestive, seductive and sensuous. He decorated the tunes with a new meaning to every song. A subtlety here, a finesse there. A honcho in gracing words with notes. A rebel composer and a maverick magician!!!

Howrah Bridge is the Indian sequence of noir. All the songs from this film are excellent. Madhubala, onscreen is always a delight to watch and she tends to steal the show whenever she appears and Ashok Kumar is an actor which we enjoy watching, he really makes you appreciate his performances rather more than usual. He emotes so well in the song through his eyes and mere expressions without uttering a single word. Ashok Kumar shows his romantic side while Madhubala looks gorgeous and seems to savour her role. And together they share a delightful chemistry and their scenes together crackle with life and are full of emotion, while the gigantic Howrah Bridge looms over. They certainly work the camera.
The pace of the song is at its leisurely best. Beginning with the languid whistling. Hasrat Jaipuri’s lyrics makes your heart beat in sync with the clip clop tonga tune. OPN ( can be also read as Opium) zeroed in on fledgling chanteuse Asha Bhonsle, sidelining his erstwhile favourites and lavished his best on Asha.
wo khel dikhaya tune madhosh banaya tune
o jadugar matwale, bechain banaya tune
tune re piya, kaisa diya, najro ka paymana
ye kya kar dala tune dil tera ho gaya……………!!!!

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