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When Kishore Kumar RD Burman and Majrooh created the perfect cocktail of music

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It is my guess that when R D Burman was composing the music for the song Chala jata hun kisi ki dhun per… from Mere Jeevan Saathi, he had not Kishore Kumar in his mind but he was composing the song so that only Kishore kumar could sing that particular composition. Biased or what !! haha… R D Burman didn’t have a choice. Kishore Kumar was one of the two Indian singers ( other one was JP Chandrababu ) who had mastered the art of yodeling. ( not to forget that Kishore Kumar wasn’t a trained singer)
About this song, what I find unique is that R D Burman used yodeling in the stanzas and not separately, as was the norm. Lyrics by Majrooh also merged into the tunes perfectly to create magic. Modulating your pitch from high to low while singing stanzas wasn’t experimented before and it sounds quite tough too. Kishore Kumar had done yodelling in innumerable songs but they were all in between the stanzas , like a music track.


One of my favourites !!

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  1. Harshu Buty

    June 10, 2015 at 4:42 pm

    Undoubtly One of kishore’s best favourite too

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