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When Music Connects – Tera Mujhse Hai – Aa Gale Lag Jaa

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Happy Birthday Pancham..

27 th June is always special..All the ‘most loving’ that word is just not enough..all those who are consistently, constantly listening to his creations throughout, for years,and discovering new things at every listen and being in awe once more of this genius,have become a cult now,his cult..and its growing, every single day, I must say..So,today his cult celebrates his Birthday, as he watches on..

He, being a young 21 year old started as the MD when I wasn’t even born..and yet,surprisingly remember hearing his ‘Dekhiye Sahibon’ from ‘Teesri Manzil’ on the gramophone record,as my first connect to him..didn’t know the name,but was hooked to his creation..Then reading the name-his name, on the record of ‘Amar Prem’while I was in Tezpur,Assam,for the first time,with my second set of parents who were connoisseurs of music-My Mama who was a GE in Military Engineering Services posted there who played the Harmonium beautifully, and my Mami who was a gifted Violinist..So,listening on to all forms of music,playing,and singing along was everyday life for them,specially in the remotest postings then..and me as 3 year and then as a 7 year old,during the second visit, listening to all that ,and my Mami reading out the name,touching the letters with her finger,showing it to me..So very near, close,to his roots,all of this happening in something close to Tripura,his original family place..I owe all this Love to them and the pull towards him,through them..
The listening on continued via Radio Ceylon as I was growing up..
We,the generation who grew up listening to his songs in childhood, then through youth,were just in feel of abundance and joy via him..simply listening to all his fast,scintillating sounds, and loving every and each one.. now,we knew the name very well as announced in Binaca Geetmala,or read in the film titles or then read on the records..and later cassettes..The name sunk in thus,and yet,as was the case in common homes, ‘That was That’..
As one grew up,now the words -the lyrics started sinking in,and holding us more to the songs as the chosen ones, in the form of cassettes recorded from the music shops,again not thinking that all of these are mostly the RDBurman ones..His each song almost,remained as the most lively,most romantic,most catchy,most attractive to listen to,again and again,all those ones sounding distinctly different (like Mehbooba Mehbooba or Dhanno ki Aankhon mein,or Raqqasa mera naam just to name a few) and then most gentle,somber and sensitive ones..Each one a perfect joyous,energetic feel,and a perfect solace too,for ones emotions..
Life was beautiful with these ones,just playing along on the side as we went through the school, college degrees,postgraduations et all..The music continued, sometimes post midnight, when a cousin or a friend dropped in for a stay and all the songs kept playing,each one discussing why or what she felt regarding a particular song..R D ruled!!
Not only us,but even the older generation, like my Aai,who was a keen listener, would stop in her track to listen to Tere bina Zindagi se koi, shikwa toh nahi most sensitive for her,since Baba-my father had passed away then..

Then,another change took place..Of Love,Romance and Marriage and the first born..During this,the songs played on here too,for others..(imagine a total workaholic guy,not remotely connected with any music form,singing non stop for 3 days Jane kaise kab kahan when the courtship was just on) Pancham ruled, and blessed too..For 27th June,came into our lives as the Wedding Anniversary..

Today I confess of being guilty,for a short while,of losing touch, with all the incredible beauties after ‘Zamane ko dikhana hai’…Then,got more focused towards classical,and then,the Marathi songs..I simply would play the earlier favourites, but missed the ones like ‘Chand roz aur meri jaan,chand roz’,or ‘Aisa sama na hota’ ,or ‘Maine tuze kabhi kuch kaha tha’ which rule my heart today,but somehow were just not noticed then!! My fault totally..But I think,Pancham forgave,with his wholeheartedness..
I suddenly listened to the ‘Parinda’ and then ‘1942-A Love Story’ tracks with total happiness,a grin on my face and a glint of joy in my eyes ,thinking about him with so much Love,that “Ohhh,His beauties back,once more…
Nowadays (or rather so many years), my day begins with the favourites,and more than the short quote everyday, the busy routines, the most looked forward to time, is during my road trips..I am in my own world,listening to each one for a total 7,8, 9 hours,marvelling away and wondering at his creations and falling in Love with these creations and the Creator again and again..
Will be able to share so many songs,but this one will suffice coz Sahirs words puts across all the feelings for Pancham most succinctly.

Tera mujh se hai pehle ka naata koi,
Yuhin nahin dil lubhata koi

You live on and certainly rule, PANCHAM..

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