Why Nobody Can Shake It Like Shammi Kapoor

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Shammi Kapoor started his career in serious roles but over the years he attained the image of a light hearted and stylish playboy. His dance moves were important part of this image and he could rock the screen with almost anybody. He was also called Elvis Presley of India.


Here are few of his songs which will convince you that nobody can shake it like Shammi.


Who else could be equally effective from the sky and water to convince her lady love



Things can’t get wilder as this on screen ever

In this song Shammi shakes not only himself but also everyone 


It is tough to be in the same frame as Helen in a dance number and still be counted


Now this is something we won’t recommend to anybody, dancing with accomplished dancers like Helen and Vyajanthimala. Only Shammi could pull it off.


Who else can paint the town orange with Mumtaz


Shammi Kapoor matches graceful Sharmila move by move




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