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With Concerns As Our Companions – Raahi Manwa Dukh Ki Chinta – Dosti

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Dukh ho ya sukh
Jab sadaa sang rahe na koye
Fir dukh ko apnaiye
Ki jaaye toh dukh na hoye

So says Majrooh Sultanpuri!! With optimism aplenty, he further says –

Raahi manwa dukh ki chinta kyun sataati hai
Dukh toh apna saathi hai
Sukh hai ek chhanv dhalti,
Aati hai jaati hai

A practical approach to discover peace. Adding on philosophical touch to the song which means that this journey called life is commuted on a wagon which balances between the wheels of happiness, gaiety, joyfulness, contentment and sadness, unhappiness, despair, sorrows, worries. Also to say that joys and sorrows are 2 sides of the same coin. Making friends with our sorrows and worries will help us because even if it leaves, it won’t leave unpleasantness behind. Life will be peaceful when we accept our concerns as our companions. Meaning to accept the situation instead of complaining. Happiness is like those subsiding shadows, fading off and ever dwindling. To be in tune with our worries will unburden us. Stabilizing is the answer to enjoy our journey.
The violins create the best music for sorrows and worries. So aptly used by the music directors Laxmikant-Pyarelal. Accompanied by guitar representing the optimism in the songand the dholak cheering up our way. With the flute asking to further move on in life.

Duur ho manzil duur sahi
Pyar humara kya kam hai
Pag mein kaantein laakh sahi
Par ye sahara kya kam hai
Hum raah tere koi apna toh hai
Sukh hai ek chhanv dhalti,
Aati hai jaati hai

The destinations or your goals might be at a great distance, but love is a powerful feeling. The support of this love helps in overcoming all the obstacles and reaching the goal. Yes there’s always a support, your companion, your sorrows.
In comes the subtle harmonica played by none other than the genius Pancham. The harmonica asks one to make efforts and stay astute in life.

Dukh ho koi tab jalte hain
Path ke deep nigahon mein
Itni badi iss duniya ki
Lambi akeli raahon mein
Hum raah tere koi apna toh hai
Sukh hai ek chhanv dhalti,
Aati hai jaati hai

With the experiences which come in our way, the fight against all odds make us an educated and further an enlightened soul. The experienced eyes can now see the path clearly. If the path is deserted and you find yourself alone, the love of this companion will always stay in your heart. Understanding the concept of sorrows and worries in life, adopting better ways to deal with it and to perceive it in better manner is the secret of not getting stuck in your life’s journey!!
Coming to the soul of the song – it is definitely Rafi’s voice. Oh what quality of voice this man had. Be it any occasion, he’s sure to elevate the quality of the song. Hear him saying just that Oooooooo part and you simply surrender to him. It actually feels like he’s guiding you. Flawless is the word for his rendition.

The song picturised on the 2 young debutantes Sushil Kumar and Sudhir Kumar, set to tune by the then new comers Laxmikant – Pyarelal. Dosti (1964) is forever etched on the hearts of music lovers for its melodious songs. The MD duo perfectly used the well modulated voice of Rafi to enhance their music.

Here’s to adopting better ways to deal with sorrows and worries with an impressive, cheerful and encouraging voice!!

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