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Yaaram – The Joys Of Living Together – Ek Thi Dayan

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People who are in love enjoy the period of courtship and dating. The thrill of meeting your beau every day or going on dates every weekend is something out of this world. But almost every couple dreams of living together sooner or later. Whether getting married or in a live-in relationship, the idea of being with the love of your life all the time excites everyone.

Lovers often tell each other what they would do for the other person or imagine how the days and nights would be. This song from the film Ek Thi Dayan depicts a similar dialogue between two lovers. Although, the situation in the film is not at all what the song is all about. It is sung in a party by Kalki Koechlin and Emran Hashmi; both not in love with each other.

It is composed by Vishal Bharadwaj and the lyrics are by Gulzar. In fact, it is shown in the video that they are singing the song from one of Gulzar’s books.

Hum cheez hain badey kaam kee, Yaaram
Humein kaam pe rakh lo kabhi, Yaaram
Hum cheez hain bade kaam kee, Yaaram

The girl says that she can be a great help around the house. She actually jests that her lover should employ her to test her skills.

Sooraj se pehle jagaayenge
Aur akhbaar ki sab surkhiyaan hum gungunaayenge
Pesh karenge garm chai phir
Koi khabar aayi na pasand to, end badal denge..

She now lists the work she would do for him. These are not the boring routine work of housekeeping, but little romantic deeds that would impress him.

I’ll wake you up before the sun rises, she says. She’ll read the news for him like the sweet robin sings in the morning to wake him up. She’ll bring him a hot cup of tea and pamper him royally. And if he doesn’t like any news that is presented to him, she’ll change the end according to his liking.

Munh khuli jamhaai pe hum bajaayein chutkiyaan
Dhoop naa tum ko lage khol denge chhatriyaan
Peechhe peechhe din bhar ghar daftar mein le ke chalenge hum
Tumhaari file-ein, tumhaari diary
Gaadi ki chaabiyaan, tumhaari eyenakein
Tumhaara laptop, tumhaari cap
Aur apna dil, kanwaara dil
Pyaar mein haara bechaaraa dil..

Further she says that she is so much in love with him that she’ll even snap her fingers if he yawns. In some cultures, it is said that if one does not snap fingers while yawning then it shortens his lifespan. The girl, knowing this, cannot let it happen. She’ll carry an umbrella to protect him from the harsh sunrays. Her duties would continue at his office too. Like a lovelorn puppy she’ll follow him carrying his work files, his diary, keys, specs, laptop, and his cap. And along with all these things she’ll carry her heart; her poor heart, which has fallen in love for the first time and lost everything to love.

Yeh kehne mein kuchh risk hai, Yaaram..
Naaraaz naa ho, ishq hai.. Yaaram..

In answer to this the boy now tells his feelings. He says that he is taking a big risk by saying what he actually feels. He quickly tells her that he loves her and she should not get angry on him.

Ho raat saverey shaam ya dopahari
Band aankhon mein leke tumhein oongha karenge hum
Takiye chaadar mehke rehte hain
Jo tum gaye tumhari khushboo soongha karenge hum

He says that no matter what time of the day it is, she’ll always remain in his eyes. He’ll close his eyes and enjoy little siestas as she would be in his eyes. Even if she goes out, he will wrap himself in the sheets and rest his head on the pillow which are filled with her aroma. This is how he will remember the moments spent with her.

Zulf mein phansi hui khol denge baaliyaan
Kaan khinch jaaye agar kha lein meethi gaaliyaan
Chuntey chaley pairon ke nishaan ki un par aur naa paanv pade

He then says that he’ll slowly untangle the earring from her hair. He is even ready for her angry yet sweet words if her ear gets pulled while doing so. He will pluck her footprints (just like one plucks beautiful flowers) carefully so that no one else would be able to tread that path again. As this path leads towards his heart, it only belongs to her and no one else.

Tumhaari dhadkanein, tumhaara dil sunein
Tumhaari saans mein lagi kapkapi
Haan gajre bune, juhi mogra to kabhi dil
Hamaaraa dil, pyaar mein haara bechaaraa dil
Hamara dil, humara dil..

Your heart would beat so loud that you would hear it throb. Your breath, which is entangled in mine, would shiver. And we would be in the middle of sweet smelling flowers which can be woven in your hair; and sometimes my love-filled heart. My poor heart, which too has fallen in love for the first time, lost everything to love.

The music is not that of a typical romantic song. It starts with soft notes and slowly progresses towards a fast –paced, foot tapping song. Sunidhi Chauhan and Clinton Cerejo have done a wonderful job in the vocals department. Sunidhi’s voice is a mixture of sweetness, romance and fun. Clinton Cerejo’s voice suits Emran Hashmi very much. Gulzar yet again spins his magic yarn and wraps us in this very contemporary love story.

Visually, this song is simple even if it is a party song. The way it is filmed, one can relate to it as this is how a regular, real-life party would look like. People singing songs, playing music, dancing and yes, even forgetting lyrics!
Enjoy this beautiful song and celebrate the emotion of togetherness in your life.

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