Yeh Zindagi… Episode 2

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Episode 1 :

Days had passed and Sumeet had not taken any step to talk to Ayesha. He feared that he might get rejected right away and then the dream would be broken. One day when Sumeet had some work in the outskirts of the city, he decided to take the bus and hence waited at the bus stop. There were very few people on the street that day and even the bus stop was not crowded, surprisingly.

He was humming a tune in his mind when suddenly a familiar car came to a screeching stop in front of him. It remained like that for almost a minute and out came Ayesha. She looked frustrated and kicked the front tyre of her car. Casting a despaired look around her she leaned against the car’s bonnet rubbing her forehead. Sumeet jumped at the opportunity and went to talk to her.

“Is there a problem?” he asked.
“My car has broken down and I’m getting late for an appointment.” She said.
“May I?” Sumeet asked in the most chivalrous manner and opened the engine.

His uncle back home had a garage and Sumeet had worked as a trainee under him for many months. He had never thought that this ‘experience’ of his would ever come handy, but it did now! Within minutes he was able to start the car and Ayesha looked impressed.
“Thank you so much!” she said, “You have saved me a lot of time.”
All he could do was blush.

After that day their paths crossed many a times; sometimes because of fate and sometimes because of him. By this time they both knew each others’ name and basic information. Ayesha found Sumeet to be very different from the other boys she had met till then. It was her birthday next week and Sumeet was excited to get an invitation. He reached the venue, a seaside restaurant, quite early. Minutes turned into hours and no one came; not even Ayesha. He was sure that he had got the time and venue right. He took out his phone to call her and suddenly there was a tap on his shoulder. It was Ayesha. He wished her and gave her the little bouquet he had brought for her.

“Where’s everybody?” He asked.
“No one’s coming.” She said.

Ayesha had cancelled the party because of some tiff with her boyfriend (yes she had one and Sumeet was not bothered). She thought that she had informed everyone and completely forgot about Sumeet. She came to the restaurant to spend some alone time and found him waiting.
She looked sad and Sumeet decided to cheer her up.
“Now that we are here, let’s celebrate.. but my way.” He said. He held her hand and took her to a nearby fair that was filled with hundreds of people.

The evening ends and Ayesha drops Sumeet at his place. She hugs him goodbye and this is closely watched by his roommates. All of them gather around Sumeet and congratulate him on his little victory. Embarrassed, Sumeet shrugs them off lightly. They start teasing him by saying that this will not last and the stable boy will never get the princess and this angers Sumeet a lot. He promises himself and tells them that his love for her is real and real love always wins.

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