Yeh Zindagi… Episode 6

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Now Ayesha and Sumeet started meeting regularly. Most of the evenings were spent on the beach watching the sundown. They didn’t talk much but that was not really needed. Ayesha enjoyed being in Sumeet’s company and Sumeet was happy that she was getting back to normal even if it was a slow process. He never tried to tell her about his feelings; in fact, his feelings had taken a backseat now and the prime purpose was Ayesha and her happiness.

“You never asked me about my experience when I was abducted. You didn’t even mention it once.” She said one day.
“I don’t need to know that.” He said.
“Everyone I know has tried to ask me. They want to know what happened. I haven’t told anyone about it yet.”
“You will, if you want to and when you feel it is ok to discuss.” He was now looking into her eyes trying to tell her that it was ok and everything is going to be fine.
“You have been hiding one thing from me, haven’t you?” She asked him. Sumeet suddenly started looking ahead of him as if he didn’t even hear the question.
“Sumeet.. I feel suffocated in my house and I know that vacation is not going to solve the problem. Can I come and live with you?” It was a straightforward question to which Sumeet didn’t know how to react. Before he could attempt to speak Ayesha spoke again.
“You love me, don’t you?” She took a deep breath and continued, “I want to breathe freely.”
Sumeet waited for few seconds and then finally said, “Let’s do it.”

“When are we going to live together?” Ayesha was asking Sumeet. “It’s almost a week since we discussed it.” Although she was complaining, there was evident happiness on her face.
Sumeet smiled and said, “I’m arranging few things.”
“Like what?” She asked.
“I have to arrange for the place where we could live and other things to go along.”
“I told you I’ll take care of that. I have got a job now, remember?” She said and then bit her lip thinking that she might have offended him.
“I’m not offended ok?” He said, “But I want to do this on my own. I will ask you only if I need help. By the way, did you talk to your parents about this?”
“No.. but why can’t we elope?” Now she was being childish.
“I told you I will not do that. As it is we are going to live in together. That is huge for me but I am doing it for you. I will not elope. No.” He sounded stern, almost scolding her and this put her mood off.
“What do you mean you are doing it for me?” She was now angry. “Don’t you want to live with me? You know very well that the last thing I want is pity. Please don’t do it out of pity. Do it if you think you will be happy.”
She started leaving and Sumeet holds her hand. “See now you are upset. And I don’t even have enough money so that I could buy you something and make you feel good again.” He teased her and she became furious.

“Do you think buying me a gift will make me happy?” She had tears in her eyes.
“No darling, I was just teasing you.” He hugs her and she feels reassured that he is different from others and exactly like she thought he would be.

Ayesha’s parents reacted in the obvious manner she thought they would. Surprisingly, they were more against her choosing someone with no money over the live-in relationship. Ayesha being Ayesha was adamant on her decision and she packs her bag and leaves.

And so begins the house hunting of these new lovers, no.. let us say companions.

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