Yeh Zindagi… Episode 9

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Yeh Zindagi… Episode 8

Ayesha was all alone in life again. Sumeet’s departure gave her space and time to think about her life and about the incidents that had happened since she had got engaged to Aaskash. She was never in love with Aakash but was very excited to get married to him. Or was she just excited to get married; she wondered now. She was definitely heartbroken when he broke the engagement. But she never missed him. Was it because Sumeet had taken his place before she got a chance to miss him? No, she thought. What Aakash had done was betrayal and Sumeet never took his place; on the contrary, Sumeet made his own place. Ayesha was really amazed to know from her friends how Sumeet had been in their constant touch when she was kidnapped. She remembered how he never asked her anything about the incident. His love was true and selfless.

This train of thought made Ayesha remember Sumeet and every little details of his; his face, his soothing voice, his warm touch and even some of his irritating habits. She remembered the good times spent in that very flat and even the little fights they used to have quite often. That night Ayesha went to sleep with sweet memories of Sumeet and this now became a habit of hers as thinking about him calmed her.

Ritu was very happy nowadays. She had started spending more and more time with Sumeet. To her surprise it seemed as if Sumeet might have started liking her. But she was not sure if he loved her or not. She did not want to think about it as she feared rejection; but keeping it to herself forever was going to be a problem in the long run. She finally decides to talk to Sumeet about the entire thing.

They were sitting at the beach one evening. Ritu was nervous as hell as she was about to ask him the question. When she opened her mouth words failed her and all she could manage to say was how beautiful the horizon looked. Sumeet’s mind was distracted; he just looked at the setting sun and was lost in his own thoughts. He was sitting right beside her and yet she missed him. She put her hand over his and started looking at the setting sun in a hope to find a common place in bidding the celestial body goodbye for the day.

Lost in their own respective worlds, Sumeet and Ritu were unaware of each others’ thoughts and feelings for the time. They were both unaware of another thing; someone was watching them from a distance. Someone who did not expect to see them there; and definitely did not expect to see them together.

Ayesha couldn’t sleep that night. The thought of Sumeet with someone else was not easy to digest. She tried a lot to console herself that she needs to go past that feeling and should be happy for Sumeet. But she understood that this is going to be a long process… of letting go.

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