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Aaj Se Teri – We Are In This Together – Padman

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It was not long ago that Akshay Kumar was seen in a movie which was based on a social issue and he is back again with another one! This time with a title Padman directed by R. Balki; it also features Radhika Apte and Sonam Kapoor in lead roles. The film is slated to release on 26th January 2018. It is based on the life of a Tamil Nadu-based social activist who strived hard to create awareness regarding menstrual hygiene in the rural parts of India.

Recently, a song from the film was released and we get to see the glimpse of the film through this song. It begins with the wedding ceremony of Laxmikant Chauhan (Akshay) and Gayatri Chaube (Radhika Apte). Slowly as the song progresses it takes us through the everyday life of this couple. It shows a doting husband completely in love with his wife and going lengths to make her life easy and happy; for example helping her with washing the clothes, inventing an onion cutter out of a toy just to keep his wife away from the tears and so on. I am sure every girl will go ‘Aww… he is so cute..’ and think and pray that every husband should be like him (but alas!).

The song is composed by Amit Trivedi and sung by Arijit Singh. It is a simple song with no complicated tunes or lyrics and I think that strikes a chord with the audience. It is a perfect blend with the video as well. Not even for a second do we feel that the video and the song are out of sync. Having said that, it does stand strong even when listened without the video and the credit goes to the composer for achieving this.

Aaj se teri saari galiyan meri ho gayi
Aaj se mera ghar tera ho gaya
Aaj se meri saari khushiyan teri ho gayi
Aaj se tera gham mera ho gaya

These are a sort of wedding vows that the groom is saying to his bride. He says that whatever belongs to him is now hers; his happiness, his house is all hers and all her sorrows are now his.

O tere kaandhe ka jo til hai
O tere seene mein jo dil hai
O teri bijli ka jo bill hai
Aaj se mera ho gaya

We belong to each other; body and soul (kaandhe ka til and seene ka dil). Not just that but he says that he will be responsible to take care of all her expenses from that day onwards.

O mere khwabon ka ambar
O meri khushiyon ka samandar
O mere pin code ka number
Aaj se tera ho gaya

My love is limitless. It spans from the sky of my dreams to the deep oceans of my happiness.
The simplicity with which the lyricist conveys the emotions of a newlywed, simple, rural man is amazing. When we first listen to the words, we laugh; but then later on realize that this is the kind of language that many of us use in the daily life. It is funny, yes, but in a good sort of a way.

Meri choti si bhulon
Ko tu nadiya mein baha dena
Tere joode ke phoolon ko
Main apni shirt mein pehnunga
Bas mere liye tu maalpuve
Kabhi kabhi bana dena

Please forgive me for my little mistakes and forget them. I will place the flowers that you wore in your hair near my heart so that they remind me of you all the time. You will be close to my heart even if you are not around. All I want you to do is to fill my life with your sweetness.

The lyrics are written by Kausar Munir who has given us hits like Falak Tak Chal Saath Mere from Tashan. Love the words like ‘mere pin code ka number tera ho gaya’ to say that now we live together.

The director has shown how the character of Akshay is an innovator. He sees that it is difficult for his wife to sit on the cycle rod so he fixes a wooden seat for her to sit comfortably. If we look around closely, we do find such characters around us who love their partners and can do anything for them.

It would be interesting to watch the film not just because of the social message it carries but also for enjoying a simple love story of simple people. Till then enjoy this song.

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