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Ban Ja Rani – Queen Bee Vidya – Tumhari Sulu

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The whistling starts and the snapping fingers start giving a rhythm and slowly the strumming of the guitar creates an atmosphere of a light, peppy, romantic song. The song is composed by Guru Randhawa and Rajat Nagpal which has been recreated from Guru Randhawa’s original track Tu Meri Rani. It is written and sung by Randhawa himself. Featured on a very homely Vidya Balan and Manav Kaul (who plays her husband), it is a feel good song.

Ban ja tu meri rani
Tenu mahal dawa dunga
Ban meri mehbooba
Main tenu Taj pawa dunga

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Shahjahaan main tera
Tenu Mumtaj bana dunga

This tale is of a middleclass couple where the husband is working the entire day and the wife is bored sitting in the house waiting for him. So she calls him up and asks him to come home early. Listening to her voice the husband comes home running and tells her how much he loves her. He says that he will present her with a beautiful palace if she agrees to be his queen; he’ll adorn her with bejeweled tiaras if she becomes his beloved. Such are his promises in love that he says that he will become the ever-romantic Shahjahaan and make her Mumtaz.

The lyrics simple which blend perfectly with the theme of the song. We often hear husbands (read newly-wed husband) speaking in such lovey-dovey language with his wife. The tune of the song is such that it doesn’t feel like a typical song; it feels more of a rhythmic ode of love which the lovers say to each other while confessing their feelings which makes the song easy for a layman to sing and makes it an instant hit.

Badan tere di khushboo
Mainu sohn na deve ni
Raatan nu uth uth ke
Socha baare tere ni

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Haan karde tu mainu
Main duniya nu hila dunga

The lovesick husband continues with his romantic verses by telling his wife that he is so much in love with her that he gets up in the middle of the night and is enchanted by her fragrance and he starts thinking about her even though she is right in front of him and he swears that if she stays with him forever, he’ll bring the world to her feet.

Ishq bulava mainu
Tere naam da aaya ni
Tere piche duniyadari
Chhad main aaya ni

Sun meri rani rani
Ban meri rani rani
Dil di hai jaagir
Te tera main naa likha dunga

He continues to talk tall by saying that the moment she reciprocates his love, he will leave the entire world to be with her and declare her the queen of his heart.

Akhiyan nu rehn de
Akhiyan de kol kol
Aaja ni aaja sohni
Aaja mere dil de kol

But now the tall talks have subdued and the husband gently beseeches the wife to remain his queen. He requests her to be as close to his heart just like their eyes are close to each other and asks her to live and rule his heart forever.

A little sneak peek of the song was released few days back in which we see Vidya Balan and Manav Kaul dancing to this soft, romantic song. Vidya’s eyes, as always, speak more than her actions and her homely wife avatar is perfect and suits her fully. Manav Kaul, as the middleclass husband, does his bit well. It reminds one of songs like Dilbar Shikdum from the movie Dhoom or Aye udi udi from the movie Sathiya. All these songs have similar premise where the husband and wife are spending some romantic moments with each other (though the age group of the couples differs in all the songs).

Looking forward to the entire video song and the movie too which is said to be a comedy-drama. Well, don’t we love the combination!

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