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Bezubaan from Piku- A song which will move your heart!!!

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I am sure the movie Piku must have been a visual treat to most of its viewers. With wonderful actors like that of Amitabh Bachchan, Irfan Khan and Deepika Padukone and Moushomi Chatterjee, the movie revolves around the relationship of a father and a daughter, therefore unfolding the everyday events of their life.

Skilfully scripted by Shoojit Sircar, the story of Piku has stolen the hearts of most of its audiences. But what is also commendable in the movie is its music which is composed by Anupam Roy. Roy, already known for his Bengali compositions, with this movie has made his debut in Bollywood. In the list of some soulful and melodious songs, the song Bezubaan especially, has been able to enthrall the listeners with its amazing lyrics and music.

Manoj Yadav and Roy have written the lyrics for the song while Roy has sung it. The music is light but does not fail to touch the heart of listeners. The song captures the chemistry of Rana Choudhary (Irfan Khan) and Piku (Deepika Padukone) and expresses the emotion of their gradual attraction towards each other. It is soothing to the ears and would compel one to listen to it again and again. Roy has a unique voice quality which also adds up to the specialty of the songs in this movie. But what catches the ears is the fusion of sitar and guitar which is used in the song.

Sitar is played throughout the song. Roy’s pitch soars beautifully and then a section of the song comes, where the sitar starts playing with a simple note and soon one can hear the tune of guitar catching up with the notes of sitar. If I can say, then it is like instrumental jugalbandi that is heard in the song. After a long time in Bollywood music, the instrument sitar has been used so explicitly not only in this song but also in the movie. The blending of classical and contemporary music particularly in this song, makes this number an outstanding one in the list. Using instrument like sitar is probably a deliberate choice on part of Roy to grasp the culture and tradition of a place like Kolkata which is known for its history of art and culture.

In a time where Hindi cinema music is dominated by fast numbers and raps, the songs of Piku are a relief to the ears of song lovers. It refreshes the mind with its light and breezy music and with this experiment Roy has marked his success in the Bollywood music industry.

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