Bhupen Hazarika- The Man With Euphonious Voice

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Hazarika is well known for his  baritone voice, folk music and poetic compositions. His music illustrate romance, social and political commentary the way that it pierce your heart directly. Hazarika gets the credit of giving new horizon to the North east and Assam folk music by bringing it at the national level. His songs are known for the spirit of community and universal welfare. This Assamese Musician left his foot prints in many languages but most notable in Bengali, Hindi and of course Assamese. His list of achievements is endless but some prominent awards we can definitely count on fingers as ‘National film award for best film direction'(1975), ‘Sangeet Natak Academy Award'(1987), ‘Dada Saheb Phalke Award'(1992),  ‘Padmshree'(1997), and ‘Padmabhushan'(2001-posthumously).

He was born on 8th Sep, 1926 in Assam. His first introduction to music came via his mother who used to sing lullabies.

Let us remember some of his most popular Hindi songs and feel him around us through his music.

One of his most popular Hindi song from film ‘Rudali’, which can make you feel the soul of music.

Another song from ‘Rudali’ sung by the musician himself .

The best of Hazarika’s most inspiring song by himself with the incredible lyrics by kaviraj Pt Narendra Sharma Ji.

A very unique combination of Gulzar’s lyrics with Hazarika’s composition and voice.

Very melodious romantic number which is very different from his other popular songs.


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