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The Cocoon Of Golden Romance – Pashmina Dhaagon Ke Sang – Fitoor (2015)

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The word Fitoor means passion. This film is an adaptation of Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. This mesmerizing romantic song is sung and composed by Amit Trivedi and lyrics are penned by Swanand Kirkire.

Listening to this song, we feel like we are draped in the golden threads of the pashmina and a soft cocoon is spun around us, taking us into another world. A world where there is no tension, no war, no worries – just love!

Pashmina dhaagon ke sang koi aaj bune khwaab
aise kaise waadi mein goonje kaheen naye saaz ye rabaab
aise kaise pashmina dhaagon ke sang

Someone is weaving a dream with pashmina, the soft gold. It is difficult to believe, yet it is true that somewhere in the valley, new instruments are being played, these strings of rabab are playing a new tune, oh how so! Someone is weaving a dream with pashmina..

Kaliyon ne badle abhi ye mijaaz ehsaas aise kaise
Palkon ne khole abhi naye raaz jazbaat aise kaise

The flower buds have changed their mood, their feelings suddenly, oh how so! Just like the opening of the eyelids have revealed new secrets, new emotions which were deep inside my heart, oh how so!

It is a typical Amit Trivedi song and one can identify as being a trademark of the composer. It begins with a guitar followed by the flute and the violin, lending the song a gravity. Interestingly, the use of the flute in the entire song makes it another major character in the story that is being told onscreen. Trivedi uses many stringed instruments in this particular song; Saaz, Santoor, Rabab, Bouzouki and the Guitar. There are even places where he has used the Cello. Listen to the subtle use of drums in the sequence where Katrina dances her heart out and Kapur paints her simultaneously. Simply amazing!

There is a short pause before each stanza starts, here the audience is left anticipating as to what musical turn is around and what lyrics are coming their way, making them want more and different each time.

Kachchi hawa, kachcha dhuaan ghul raha
kachcha sa dil lamhe naye chun raha
Kachchi si dhoop kachchi dagar phisal rahi
koi khada chupke se keh raha
Main saaya banoon, tere peechhe chaloon, chalta rahoon….

My feelings are so young and naive at this stage. The love, if it can be called as yet, is at such a nascent stage. Just like the new breeze, new mists are mixing together becoming one; the young heart is picking up new moments to remember, making new memories. As the early rays of the sun are treading this new path, falling on this new path; nearby someone silently is saying that “I will be your shadow; I will walk closely behind you forever and ever.”

Swanand Kirkire effortlessly imbibes the scenic beauty of Kashmir into the song and also the use of the words like Pashmina, rabaab takes you to the valley; although the song is a completely indoor song – well that’s the power of good lyrics.

Shabnam ke do qatre yoon hi tehel rahe
shaakon pe woh moti se khel rahe
Befikr se ik dooje mein khul rahe
Jab ho judaa, khayaalon mein mil rahe
Khayalon mein yoon ye guftagoo chalti rahe

Two dewdrops are playing on the tree branches. They appear like two carefree pearls caressing each other, opening up and are mingling together. They are so engrossed in their love that they seem to meet each other in thoughts even when they are apart and continue to be together. Just like that this soft golden dream continues, the talk continues; Oh how so!

It is a visual treat to watch Katrina Kaif and Aditya Roy Kapur moving to the steps of video director Bosco Martis. Although it is a copy of Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, one doesn’t mind it when the duo creates magic onscreen with their chemistry. We are completely wrapped into this dream-like threads of love.

Enjoy the golden romance!

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