Complaint Letter To Yesudas From A Hindi Music Fan

Dear Yesudas Sir,

It has been a long time. Those days when DD was the only channel on TV. Exposure to music was limited to TV and few cassettes we had at home. If I remember right, first time I heard you was in a non-filmi song along with Hemlata Ji. A voice fresh as morning dew which came out of you so effortlessly. Little did I know about you at that point but your voice was different, very different from all others I had heard.


The next song of yours which caste a spell on me was “Ka karoon sajni” from Swami. The beauty of this song is that it has such a beautiful and simple tune with very less assistance from other musical instruments that it truly brought out the true beauty of your voice.


And then what can you say about this song. It flows and it gets into each and every corner of my musical existence. Simple romantic lyrics with your simple and fresh voice take a music lover like me to another orbit.


I have distinct memories of this one. They way you say Sunaina is etched into my memory.


This one, I remember hearing on DD. No memories of what the movie was about. But this song leaves an impression


A movie so powerful needed a voice like yours to provide that calming effect


But now I should come back to the complaint. My complaint is that you did not sing enough for Hindi movies. Maybe you did not get many opportunities as your voice was not fit for any mainstream Bollywood heroes as per music directors. Maybe you had lot more opportunities down south. We have missed you for sure in Hindi cinema.

Our sincere thanks to you for blessing us with your talent and we wish you a very Happy Birthday and a long and happy life.

With lots of love and regards,



  1. vandy

    January 10, 2017 at 10:12 pm

    Total nostalgia!

  2. G.Nagabhushanam

    January 10, 2017 at 10:13 pm

    Superb letter

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