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Kaise Unko Paoon Aali – An Unforgettable Treat – Non Film

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Jaidev – a name which reminds all us music lovers of the incomparable melodies. The aural ambrosias he has served, provided all that is needed for those sweet musical cravings. Yet there are few people who would name him in there list of top 5 composers from the industry. His is not the name which pops in your mind unless you are really into music. But if someone mentions his name there is a list of songs which starts building up slowly. Film and non film both. Once this list comes up you realize majority of the songs are woman centric. Also a major chunk of his songs were poems before they became songs. He shares these 2 similarities with Khayyam and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. Of course Hridaynath Mangeshkar hasn’t given much songs in Hindi, but he’s done an amazing job in the regional section. Jaidev’s style of composing a song has always uplifted the beauty of poems. He’s also enhanced the subtle beauties of the film lyrics. You’ll find an independent space given to every instrument in the song. That was the highlight of the Burman camp too (father – son both and Jaidev assisted SDB). Going through his work, one would find just the right amount of flamboyance in Raat bhi hai kuch bheegi bheegi…., or deep satisfied love in Ye dil aur unki nigahon ke saaye…, devoted love in Tu chanda main chandni…, the smitten love in Tumhein dekhti hun toh lagta hai aise …., or even the commitment in Dukh aur sukh ke raaste and these are woman oriented, aren’t they? Various examples of a woman’s love. What about unrequited love!!? How does one feel when the love remains unrequited, unanswered for life? That love never dies but just curls inside like an unhealed wound. A poem by Mahadevi Verma gives a glimpse of one such unhealed wound.
Kaise unko paaun Aali
Kaise unko paaun

Ve aansoo bankar mere
Iss kaaran dhul dhul jaate
Inn palkon ke bandhan mein main
Baandh baandh pachhataaun, Aali

The heart writhing to earn the love from a person who is not bothered even to look at you. Giving all those tearful days and nights. The imbalance of heart and those sliding tears sometimes make ones love regretful.
Ve taarak baalaaon ki
Apalak chitwan ban jaate
Jis mein unki chhaya bhi main
Chhoo na sakoon, akulaaun, Aali

She’s complaining, she’s anguished. She finds him in the playful stare of every woman, in the reflection of their eyes. And he’s so distanced and abstracted from her that he cannot be sought or touched in that reflection too!!
Much agonised she’s pleading to the super power. Finding ways to win her beloved’s love and attention.

This Mahadevi Verma beauty was composed by Jaidev and rendered by Asha Bhonsale for a non film album. Later it was rendered by Chhaya Ganguly for a film version in Trikon Ka Chautha Kon (1986) but unfortunately the song was never picturized. However, in both versions Jaidev has used tabla and flute crisply. And decorates further with sitar.

Jinxed, unsung, unlucky are some of the words associated with Jaidev. True he never got due recognition inspite of 3 National awards. So much like the unrequited love. Jaidev gave all his love and hard work to the music industry. But his love was never reciprocated. It remains curled inside like that unhealed wound. His compositions remain fresh and bouyant, seeking the attention and appreciation as that of an unrequited, unanswered love.

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