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Laadki – The Unconditional Love of a Father and a Daughter

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Coke Studio@MTV has brought out to its audience a varied range of intriguing blend of music which is difficult to ignore by the music admirers. These are songs which will compel you to increase the volume of the speakers and go on to explore the variety. The diversity of music on one platform by Indian musicians is one the significant reasons of its immense popularity.

Among many songs of Season 4, the composition of Laadki by Sachin – Jigar stands out in the list. Especially being a daughter it is a song which moves my heart every time I hear it. ‘Laadki’ is a way to address a daughter who always finds a special place in the heart of her father. Fathers often share a strong emotional bond with their daughters, and Sachin – Jigar depicts this special connection through their beautiful piece of music.

The song is in the conversation of a father and a daughter. More than the music what appeals to the ears are the lyrics of the song. Keeping marriage as the theme of the song, the composers highlights the sentiments of separation of a young daughter, father and a woman.

Most interesting part of the song is, to convey the special relationship of a father – daughter, Sachin (composer) chose his daughter Tanishka Sanghvi to sing the part of the young daughter who wants her father to remember that she will be always there for him unconditionally. The helpless situation of a father in front of a custom like marriage is crooned by the Kirtidan Gadhvi who gives the touch of Gujrati folk into the song blending with the intense and charming voice of Rekha Bharadwaj who sings the part of the woman expressing a woman’s emotions who cannot understand the father’s action of thrusting her away from him.

The heart rending lyrics are penned by Priya Saraiya and the usage of the instruments like dhol, dholak and shehnai kindles the association of the listeners to the occasion of marriage. A beautiful piece of fusion which cannot go a miss.

Sharing it for all fathers and daughters who are rarely seen to express their emotions towards each other.

Passionate about watching movies and loves listening to songs.

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