A Musical Tribute To The Country This Independence Day

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It is that time of the year again when the patriotic feeling of every Indian is at its peak. And what better way to express it with beautiful songs which truly reflects the spirit of India and the love of motherland.

1. Vande Maataram – Anand Matth
The combination of lyrics, voice and the speed of this song has the capacity to give you that much needed push to get up and do something for your country.

2. Taqat watan ki humse hai – Prem Pujari
We belong to the nation and the nation belongs to us. Our strength, our might and our dignity together makes this nation.

3. Sandese aate hain – Border
This song aptly captures the myriad emotions a soldier goes through while fighting on the border for his motherland. The lyrics will make you happy, sad, helpless and proud of the soldiers, all at the same time.

4. Bharat humko jaan se pyara hai – Roja
This song from the film Roja is a combination of the feelings of the people of India and an appeal to come together and show the world that we are one and stand strong in our own capacity.

5. Ye desh hai veer jawano ka – Naya Daur
Iss desh ka yaaron sach mein kya kehna!

6. Hum logon ko samajh sako toh – Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani
Thode anadi hai thode khiladi. Yes, it is difficult to understand us. But no matter how modern and advanced we are, we will always be true Indians at heart.

7. Kadam kadam badhaye ja – Bose the forgotten hero
Marching away to glory! This life really belongs to the motherland.

8. Kandhon se milte hain kandhe – Lakshya
A forewarning for all the enemies – Beware! Our soldiers will walk away to victory for sure.

9. Des rangeela rangeela – Fanaa
India – A beautiful kaleidoscope!

10. Suno gaur se duniya walo – Dus
Not just our soldiers but the common man can also stand for the nation if the time comes. And yes, we are second to none!

11. Nanha munna raahi hoon – Son of India
This sweet patriotic song from Son of India shows how every little child feels about the motherland. After all, children are our future and with such children the future surely looks bright.

So ending on this positive and young note, we wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!

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