Nida Fazili Passes Away Following a Heart Attack

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Hum laboN se keh naa paaye, unse haal-e-dil kabhi,
Aur wo samjhe nahiN, ye khamoshi kya cheez hai

Nida Fazili was one of the greatest poet who represented diverse culture of India. He was born in a Kashmiri family on 12th Oct, 1938 in Delhi. During partition, his parents moved to Pakistan but he decided to remain in India. He was inspired by a Surdas bhajan to start writing to express himself.

He moved to Mumbai in 1964 and wrote extensively in various mediums. He did not enjoy writing lyrics for movies as that constrained his creativity. But he was forced to write for movies for financial reasons. He did give us some beautiful songs in movies like Sarfarosh, Razia Sultan, Sur etc.

He passed away on 8th Feb, 2016. He will always be remembered for his poetry and songs.

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