Nida Fazli – Colloquial and Elegant

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Often, his poetry is described as a piece that lacks in any singular identity which defies any neat categorizations. His poetry also mirrors the orientations of a poet who travelled around the universe.

Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli, a renowned Urdu poet, was born on 12th October 1938 in Delhi. He is an eminent Urdu poet and a well-known lyricist. His works have both urban & rural aesthetic appeal to discover nature and relationship between two human beings. His father was also an Urdu poet. Although born in capital city Delhi, he grew up in Gwalior. One day when he was passing by a Hindu temple. He heard the beautiful bhajan of Surdas- in which Radha was depicting her sorrow to her maids as being apart from her love. Nida Fazli got immersed that poetry, it affected him so much that for the very first time he made a serious attempt to write a poem. He got influenced by the love and bonding in human relations, which also reflects in his later work. In 1964, Fazli came to Mumbai to find a job. After he moved to Mumbai he became known among readers and ghazal singers for his elegant presentation and exclusive use of colloquial language for ghazals, dohaas and nazms, while avoiding ornate Persian and compound words to simplify his poetry.

Nida Fazli is also famous for his writings on communal harmony. He exclusively wrote against communal riots and selfish strategies of politicians in it. He was one of the victims of one such riot. During that period, he had to take shelter in his friend’s house. His writings on this topic won him a National Harmony Award. Fazli has released various Poem Collections. Some of those include- Safar Me Dhup Toh Hogi, Mor Nach, Lafjo Ke Phool and Aankh Aur Khwab Ke Darmiyaan. He’s also been bestowed with the Sahitya Akademi Award & Padma Shri.

Some popular works of Nida Fazli –

1. Ahista Ahista:

2. Razia Sultan:

3. Aap To Aise Na The:

4. Sur:

5. Sarfarosh:

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